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Purple dress how we want to match

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The purple dress gives a noble and elegant feeling, it is difficult to capture, mysterious, full of romance and maturity, and it is delusional and memorable. In the thousands of colors, the purple dress stands out and gives you this season's elegance and soothing beauty! The proper use and matching of purple can help you to improve the taste of clothing. But it takes a lot of thought to wear purple. So how can the purple dress be properly matched, can you dress up more spiritually?


 Purple dress with silver ballet round heel shoes, with purple trim socks, exposed legs slightly silver embellishment. The visual effect thus formed is slightly childlike and sexy. When you sit down, tilt the two toes together slightly to make them more lovely and temptation.

 Purple dresses can also be paired with purple shoes, with the same color combination can produce a mysterious noble temperament, but it must be standing with. Because the skirt with flat shoes is not very good looking.

White and purple are contrasting colors, but they are surprisingly matched. White has youthful vigor, and purple dresses with a white heel of shoes or boots (without high-heeled shoes) can be very pure.

Purple marie elie dress with the same purple denim boots, pay attention to the boots must have anti-color pattern, so as not to mix the whole lower body, affecting the body effect.

Purple dress with bright yellow patent leather half boots (recommended), using a bold contrasting color to create a bold effect, while increasing the overall dress brightness.

Purple dress with black belt, cool without losing calm.

 Eye-catching blue-purple dress with black suit, has a strong visual impact, more suitable for office white-collar women.

The women with a yellow complexion can choose a purple dress with a blue or light blue top. It can bring out the white and delicate skin, but it is grayish blue, and even the purple top will be counterproductive.

 White-looking women are not suitable for wearing purple dresses, because purple makes you look more tired and your skin tone is not very healthy.


 There are many kinds of purple color, you can choose according to your skin color. In general, the blueish purple is more suitable for people with yellowish skin. In addition, blue-and-purple-tone clothes are also easier to use when combined with other items. The reddish purple tone is feminine, but it is more limited when used with other colors. In addition, note that small items such as shoes and bags cannot be as purple as clothes.

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