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how to wash yeezy boost 700

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how to wash yeezy boost 700 

Method / step:

Soak the shoes in the shoes and throw them into the basin. Fill the basin with 2/3 of water. The washing temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees Celsius, so that the shoes are soaked by water.

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General sports shoes can be washed with water, but can not use washing powder, because it contains phosphorus, it is easy to make the shoes yellow, the place of the heel is brushed with toothbrush and toothpaste, after washing, put a layer of white paper on the upper, so as to ensure the shoes Does not change color after drying.

If you use long-term soaking, it will also affect the use of shoes. So don't let the shoes soak in the water, you can't throw them in the basin and just like the dirty clothes. It won't be washed after half a day. So when the shoes are dry, it is easy to open the glue. It is not worth the candle. Don't pay for the brand shoes. loss.

During the cleaning process, try not to wash or soak. If you put the sneakers in the washing machine, it will greatly damage the shoes, and there will be quality problems such as degumming and deformation, which will make you regret it. It is best to wash the odor in the shoes with white wine or white vinegar for thorough cleaning.

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After the shoes are cleaned, put a pot of warm water, then put a small amount of white vinegar, soak the shoes in it for about half an hour. If you usually do, you can also sip white wine directly. Because the volatility of the liquor is very strong, the odor of the sports shoes can be well removed when it is volatilized.

If the shoelace shoelace shoelace is not removed, it is not easy to thoroughly clean the outdoor sports shoes. Because the brush can't go deep into the shoe, it can't be cleaned naturally. Therefore, before you wash the shoes, you must remove the shoelaces and wash it. You can do it, and washing clothes often is no different.