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Xiamen BRIC meeting will bring to the world what the impact and importance of Xiamen brick meeting

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In 2017 China proposed the "BRIC" concept, will be based on the existing BRIC on the basis of the principle of globalization, to absorb more important and dynamic vitality of the developing countries to join. This is an important milestone in the development of the BRT mechanism. While further promoting the improvement of the global governance system, it will enhance the representation and influence of the BRIC mechanism.

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At present, the BRIC countries, although the contribution of the global economy has more than 50%, but the right to speak in the world is very limited, only the World Bank 13% of the voting rights and the International Monetary Fund 15% of the voting rights. The future, with the further rise of developing countries, this imbalance will become increasingly prominent.

To break this impasse, the developing countries must be more united. Especially in today's complex global economic situation, economic growth continues to weaken, trade volatility weakened, the trend of globalization, the developing countries in order to continue to develop, can no longer a single commitment to developed countries, but should be in the developing countries Form a perfect cooperation and mutual aid mechanism. It is in this context, "BRIC" concept by many developing countries welcome and look forward to.


In the future, the BRIC mechanism can complement the South-South cooperation. South-South cooperation mainly focuses on economic and technological cooperation among developing countries, but because of the relatively loose cooperation and lack of financial capital cooperation, the influence in global governance is limited.

In the future, we can interface with the BRIC mechanism: for example, South-South cooperation and the establishment mechanism of the BRIC mechanism; more countries actually join the BRIC mechanism and the BRICS New Development Bank; the BRICS Development Bank can also South-South cooperation in developing countries to provide loans; in developing countries in the common interests of the establishment of cooperative sound mechanism.

In the specific form, BRIC cooperation mechanism will be more standardized and advanced. August 1 to 2 held the seventh meeting of the State Council for Economic and Trade approved the "BRIC investment facilitation cooperation framework", the BRIC between the investment behavior of the norms and coordination of the BRIC mechanism Raised to an unprecedented new level. Especially in the context of the current anti-globalization rise, to promote the development of global economic integration is of great significance. I believe the Xiamen summit, in industrial cooperation, crisis disposal and so will have more important documents signed by the leaders of various countries.

What contribution will China take as a leader in gold bricks?

Today, the BRIC countries have become an important cooperation mechanism for developing countries from a simple investment concept, and an important economic and political force on the international stage. China is undoubtedly the leader in the BRIC countries. While developing its own economy, China has the courage to take responsibility for providing a viable China program.

For example, at the 2013 Durban Summit in South Africa, President Xi Jinping proposed the four major objectives of the BRICS cooperation, namely, "integration of large market, multi-level circulation, land and sea big Unicom, cultural exchange"; in 2015 Russia Ufa At the summit, the BRIC countries should build a "four partnership", namely, "partnership for the maintenance of world peace, partnership for common development, partnership for pluralistic civilization and strengthening of global economic governance".

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These Chinese programs have played a major leading role in the development of the BRT mechanism. And for developing countries, China's economic development years of experience, especially in infrastructure construction experience, will provide useful help for the development of other countries.

In 2017, China, as the chairman of the BRICs, will vigorously advocate for humanistic exchanges and promote the cooperation mechanism of the BRIC countries to a new height under the "three-wheel drive" of political security, economic cooperation and cultural exchange. In particular, China's "BRIC" model will further promote the improvement of the global governance system, and comprehensively enhance the representation and influence of the BRIC mechanism.