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Why do many people choose sports shoes such as Adidas and Nike?

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  1. Like and like players wearing the same sneakers or endorsement brand shoes

More and more young people are able to watch their favorite sporting events through various channels. Young people also have their own favorite sports stars or athletes. The brand owners have taken a fancy to this and have paid a lot of money to sign some sports stars for them. Shoe products endorsements, just happen to be the most unassuming and gold-rich brand is Nike and Adidas, many fans chasing the stars of the same models of shoes, will buy the brand's shoes, for example if you are a keen Bryant fans, want to buy Kobe's surrounding shoes, natural Nike is the best choice, and for example you are the supporters of the ball king Messi, that will naturally choose to play Adidas Messi series of shoes.

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2. Recognition of cultural concepts, curiosity behind the shoes

In fact, there are many moving stories behind many shoes, these stories will also touch many consumers to pay for this, such as the ban on the wearing of NIKE AIR JORDAN 1, deducted the story behind the backboard, but also the legendary experience of AIR JORDAN 12 down All are legendary stories about the famous football star Michael Jordan shoes, such as NIKE Cortez fired all over the world because of the forrest of the film Forrest Gump.

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3. Sneakers are beautiful in fashion and comfort

After all, the vast majority of ordinary people on the basic needs of shoes is still simple, more beautiful and comfortable shoes is the most fancy features, Nike and Adidas is very focused on these two aspects, the design of high-paying hire the most professional design team And with many artists, the person in charge of the introduction of the joint style of shoes, on the other hand to increase the technical inputs to the shoes to give users a better and more comfortable wearing experience, such as Nike's core air cushion series, and Adidas has been heavily used this year, BOOST (from Germany BASF) technology has greatly improved the comfort of shoes and also increased the desire of consumers to buy.

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The biggest attraction of brand shoes is in the shoe technology, such as Nike's Zoom Air air cushion, adidas's Boost cushioning technology, which makes the current young people rush. Some people may think that this is a gimmick. After experiencing it for yourself, your thoughts will be the same as mine.

The cushioning performance of the shoes and the feeling of the feet are the most important basis for evaluating a shoe. Foot Air air cushion with soft touch, Boost shoe wins over ordinary foam EVA soles, which is the material of the majority of domestic made shoes. Excluding performance, excellent appearance is also an important reason why most people choose foreign brands of shoes. Usually Nike, adidas, Puma and other brands spend more time and energy on design than domestic brands. Their control of fashion culture is in place, in line with young people's aesthetics, and guides them to accept and disseminate sports trends. The performance and appearance of foreign brand shoes are overwhelmingly more than those of domestic brands. This is undeniable. In addition, when consumers buy shoes, they are no longer just concerned about the goodness of the shoes. They also value the cultural value of the brand, which is the added value of the product.

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