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Why are yeezy shoes so popular, and what's so good about them

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Why are yeezy shoes so popular, and what's so good about them

With regard to coconut shoes, many people may have a lot of questions, why is it strange, why is it so expensive to sell, or there are a lot of people wearing it... In short, for those who have not yet gotten up, Coconut is a very mysterious light luxury sneaker, so how much do you know about coconut? If you want to buy it, what should you pay attention to? These are issues worth exploring.

Due to its dexterous and cute shape, simple and light shoes and good feedback, coconut shoes have become one of the most popular sports and leisure shoes on the market in the past two years. However, due to the mystery, some important details. It is not well known to the public, and these factors are also very important for the selection of coconut shoes.

best adidas yeezy 350

In 2015, the famous American singer Kanye West and Adidas jointly launched YEEZY 350 BOOST and YEEZY 750 BOOST, which opened the pot in the whole trend! Because the grandfather's fan effect and the upper limit of the sale of the aura blessing, suddenly entered the shopping carts of the trend of people from all walks of life, it seems that there is no pair of YEEZY on the feet do not mean to go out of the house!

Because of this, the price of adidas YEEZY has risen. Now a pair of zebra color matching YEEZY has reached about 8,000 yuan. Today's coconut shoes have become synonymous with fashion and style, and it seems that after wearing it, it has a special trend.

The first impression of coconut shoes is strange. As for where it is, first of all, it must be strange in appearance. The shape of coconut shoes is not like ordinary sports and leisure shoes. Its shoes are generally round and flat. There are no edges and corners unlike the usual streamlined design, but after the foot you will find the coconut's fit and wrapping is excellent, thanks to the weird but ergonomic shape.

Followed by the soles and uppers of coconut shoes, in fact, the overall shape of the coconut is very simple, nothing more than an integrated woven upper with a foam midsole. The outsole is a simple translucent elastic rubber frame that wraps the Boost midsole perfectly, maximizing the cushioning resilience and making the shoes lighter.

Regarding the foot experience of coconut shoes, the first thing worth mentioning is the ease of wearing. The shoes of the coconut shoes are wider and the uppers are lower. The advantage of this feature is that it can be worn with pants or other pants. Brings a slim and beautiful effect.

Another point is that today's popular one is a kind of saying about the "squatting feeling" of coconut shoes. Although it is more popular, it is not rough, because of the combination of Boost foam midsole and soft elastic rubber outsole, every time. Flooring provides a high level of resilience and fit, and the overall comfort is excellent.

yeezy clothing

Yeezy 350 white

The one-piece pure white fabric mesh with super-durable and dirt-resistant technology creates a simple and smooth appearance and versatile features. The penetrating laces are innovative and bring a good sense of tightness and wrapping.

Yeezy 350 White Zebra

The smart and cute zebra pattern color gives the shoes a high fashion sense. The ergonomic design combined with the shape of the soles of the feet perfectly guarantees the footing. The tough and light fabric upper makes the comfort multiply, complemented by the foam midsole and soft elastic features. Improve to the best.

Yeezy 500

The whole is grayish white, the upper is made of leather, synthetic material and mesh. The details are complemented by foamy accents. It is equipped with a unique streamlined outsole. The overall shape is full of retro style. Generally speaking, it is a very good high-end leisure sport. shoe.

yeezy boost 700

Yeezy 700

This pair of Yeezy 700 uses 3M reflective brace on the upper. The design of the shoe is full of retro sense, the color stitching and material level are the highlights of this shoe, and the famous singer Kanye West has a blessing!