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Why are YEEZY shoes so expensive? How much is a pair of YEEZY shoes?

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Why are YEEZY shoes so expensive? How much is a pair of YEEZY shoes?

Many people are familiar with yeezy shoes. It refers to the name of a shoe of Adidas. The full name is YEEZY Boost 350. Let's take a closer look at it!

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2

Why are yeezy shoes so expensive?

Honestly, the design of the 350 is not bad! It’s pretty good, it’s a good shoe type, no matter what kind of color it looks like, plus the influence and “limited” of the yeezy series itself, as well as the operational capabilities of adidas itself. And propaganda makes the price of this series of shoes high, many star big names are on the foot, to create propaganda, the price is not high, it is difficult

A group of so-called opinion leaders desperately tell you that this is good-looking. This is the trend and then it has caused 10 pairs of shoes to have 10w people. This time it is not good at all. It has not been important. The group has already hypnotized you into this shoes. So it is expensive.

How much is a pair of yeezy shoes?

In February last year, the cooperation series with Adidas was first released. At that time, social networks and media were enthusiastic about the two pairs of shoes. One pair was YEEZY Boost 350, and the other pair was 750. The latter was only 9000 pairs in the world when starting. The price was heated to tens of thousands of yuan.

YEEZY is how much money, we look at the news: a pair of NIKE limited edition basketball shoes "coconut spray" with a retail price of 1749 yuan, rose to 2,500 yuan / double on the day of sale, two months later, someone reported a transfer of 9999 yuan The price of another NIKE limited edition called "Yeezy2", in just 4 months, was fired from the retail price of 1999 yuan to 30,000 yuan / double, and some people also used it for a second-hand Acura SUV...

Yeezy Boost 350 - Yeezy

What brand of coconut shoes is it?

Searching for YEEZY Boost 350 on Instagram now will see more than 100,000 posts, while searching for YEEZY is even more scary, with more than one million history. These lively and interesting pictures are uploaded, as well as a lot of praises and comments. Most of the time points come from June last year.

This is actually a series designed by the “grandfather” Kanye West for Adidas. After the end of the cooperation with Nike at the end of 2013, Grandpa switched to his rival Adidas. The statement at the time was due to copyright fees and “want to have a better publishing platform” (we think it is still a question of money).

Kanye West, the rivers and lakes called the grandfather, is a producer who works hard to record the recordings of other top singers, thus gradually showing his strength in the pop music world and forming his own style. The rapper and producer who raised their popularity, worked with heavyweight stars during the period of the music circle.

Grandpa created the "Rap first shoes": AIR YEEZY. It has also cooperated with BAPE, followed by NIKE, launched the Nike air series, and finally, Adidas bought the grandfather at a high price, together with this high-priced shoes: YEEZY 350 and YEEZY 750. Both the social network and the media are full of enthusiasm for the two pairs of shoes. The latter only had 9000 pairs in the world when the launch, and the price was tens of thousands of dollars.

Recently, YEEZY has once again become the focus of social media. The reason is very simple. The YEEZY Boost 350, which is called “Yeezy Shoes” for two people, has a new color scheme. Every time YEEZY Boost 350 will set off a small climax in social networking and secondary markets.

From a design point of view, this shoe is hot and blameless. The shoes are designed to be comfortable and suitable for all styles of wear, which has been repeatedly verified by my grandfather, my wife and my nephews. The sneaker industry always has a pair of shoes to be snapped up at a certain moment, and the yeezy shoes can be snapped up like this. "The odd goods can live" can be said to be the root cause. The influence of the grandfather itself is not to be underestimated - the fans Money is the best to earn; before the sale, all the fashion lifestyle media, sports forums, sports shoes, etc. will be preheated, and then write a tutorial such as "How to buy a pair of coconut shoes".


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