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Why Huawei's 5G technology is a global leader

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-07-22      Origin: Site

Why Huawei's 5G technology is a global leader?

In the part of 5GNR within the framework of 3GPP, from standard patents to hardware settings, to baseband chips and terminals, Huawei maintains a global leader.

When we talk about 5G, we basically refer to 5GNR within the framework of 3GPP.

5G is the fifth-generation mobile communication technology. Now two international standards organizations are intensively formulating 5G standards. They are 3GPP, which represents the overall interests and technical capabilities of the communications industry, and the computer industry (especially the United States). Computer Industry) IEEE.

However, as far as mobile communications is concerned, the leading advantage of 3GPP is still huge. After years of development, 3GPP has concentrated equipment vendors, operators, and most terminal manufacturers in the traditional communications industry. In mobile communications, it is absolutely monopolized. status.

The mobile communication networks currently running in the world are basically based on the standards set by 3GPP. Including 2G GSM, 3G TD-SCDMA and WCDMA, 4G TD-LTE and FDD-LTE.

In the future global 5G networking, most operators will still choose 3GPP's 5GNR.

In terms of 3GPP standard essential patents, Huawei maintains the world's number one position.

We can see that it is a very gratifying thing. Among the global 5GNR standard essential patents, Huawei tops the list with the 2160 family, while ZTE ranks third with the 1424 family, and Datang 552 and OPPO 222 are also on the list. .

Among the overall 5GNR standard essential patents, the proportion of patents in China is still very high.

Huawei has been investing heavily in research and development for many years, and finally blossomed in the 5G era, becoming the company with the most 5GNR standard essential patents.

Currently, Huawei is still the only communications manufacturing company in the world that can independently provide complete solutions, but ZTE will soon be the second.

5G networking solutions mainly include 5G wireless access networks (base stations), bearer networks, transmission networks, and 5G terminals. Among them, Huawei is the only company that can independently provide end-to-end technical solutions without the need to integrate other companies’ products Communications manufacturing company.

With regard to the 5G access network, that is, the 5G base station, the performance of Huawei and ZTE's 5G base stations is leading.

At present, there are mainly six companies in the world that can provide 5G base stations. The four larger ones are Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, and ZTE, and the two smaller ones are Samsung and Datang.

As for the 5G base stations produced by these companies, the 5G equipment of Huawei and ZTE maintains leading performance. In fact, this is not surprising. As long as Chinese companies can stand on the same starting line as European companies, it is quite normal for Chinese engineers to work overtime and R&D to defeat European companies. In terms of new equipment, the European R&D progress is actually not very fast. For now, Nokia and Ericsson’s base station equipment does not actually have the ability to network and supply on a large scale.

As for the 5G baseband, Huawei also temporarily maintains the global lead.

Now commercial 5G basebands, only Huawei's Barong 5000 can support NSA/SA networking. This is why only Huawei's mobile phones and CPEs in the world can support both NSA and SA networking.