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Where are the production and sale of 100% waterproof sneakers

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Where are the production and sale of 100% waterproof sneakers?

The most fearful thing to go out on rainy days is to wet the shoes. Not only the shoes but also the socks inside will be wet. It takes several days for the shoes to dry naturally. Even drying it takes time and effort.

Our development team spent two years successfully developed a completely 100% waterproof nano-knit fabric Flash Knit, and used this fabric to design a pair of sports shoes Emaor, claiming to be the world's first 100% waterproof sports shoes.

This kind of sneaker made of special fabric can keep the inside and the outside dry even if it is immersed in water. Take a look at the comparison picture of the following sneakers and the sneakers. The waterproof effect of Emaor sneakers is quite cattle B.

In addition to waterproofing, Emaor's breathability is also quite good, which can effectively inhibit the production of sweat odor. With it, friends who like to run can run as much as they can on rainy days, not afraid to get wet shoes!

Emaor has accepted the booking online for $199, available in black and white and grey.



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