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What type of sneakers, running shoes, training shoes, tennis shoes should be worn while walking

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What type of sneakers, running shoes, training shoes, tennis shoes should be worn while walking.

Different sports have different requirements for the suspension, anti-skid and bending performance of sports shoes.

details as follows:

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1. Running. The sneakers should be light and shock-absorbing, and the forefoot should be elastic to match the starting movement.

2. Tennis. This is a sport with more stop and twist movements, and the anti-slip performance of sports shoes is better.

3. Football. When playing football, choose shoes that can reduce vibration and cushion the force of the foot. For example, the upper is made of pure cowhide.

4. Basketball. When playing basketball, there are many impacts and jumps. You must pay attention to the shock-absorbing function of sports shoes. Wearing high-shoe-type sports shoes can give better protection to the joints and reduce the chance of spraining the ankle.

5. Indoor sports such as badminton. This kind of exercise emphasizes flexibility in walking, so you should choose lighter and softer sneakers. Heavier shoes will increase the fatigue of the footsteps.

It is best for qualified people to prepare as many shoes as possible according to different sports. The average person should prepare at least two pairs of shoes. One pair should be used during strenuous sports such as playing and climbing. Pay attention to the choice of anti-slip, protect the ankle, and absorb shock. Shoes; the other pair is used during walking and walking, paying attention to the functions of light weight, shock absorption and ventilation. Choosing the right pair of shoes not only avoids unnecessary sports injuries, but also maximizes the effectiveness of the sport.

In addition, you should choose sports shoes according to your own foot shape. The average person's foot is divided into three types: standard type, flat foot, and sacral arch. When the flat foot is running, the ankle will tilt inward, increasing the burden on the foot.

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When purchasing shoes, you should choose sports shoes with good arch support, insoles, hard heels, and straight cuts on the soles. Otherwise, it is easy to suffer from plantar fasciitis. High archers should use sports shoes with good suspension and support performance, for example, air cushions to reduce the impact of shock on the feet.

If you are professional, you can wear jogging shoes and exercise in outdoor rooms. Jogging shoes are also available for outdoor use, and training shoes for indoor use.

Training shoes are the most comfortable to wear, and all kinds of sports can cope.

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