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What shoes do you wear with skinny pants?

Views: 14     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-09      Origin: Site

Time has never stopped, and it never stops. We can only slowly watch it go by, and we will greet the cold winter in a blink of an eye. Is our little fairy shivering a little cold?

In the whole season, even if the little fairy likes the dress again, she will wear the trousers, so today Xiaobian will give the little fairy Amway tights, a high-flow item that frequently appears in daily life. And introduce our pair of tights and shoes, hurry and take a look.

Match one: tight pants + lazy shoes

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It won't match the gospel of the little fairy with the handicapped party. Our tight pants are paired with lazy shoes. This super comfortable and stylish match, how to wear it will not go wrong. The choice of jacket is also very inclusive, whether it is leather or denim jacket, can wear a unique temperament.

Match 2: tight pants + sneakers

In the current era, sports style has become a fashion. If our little fairy does not have a few sports items, they are embarrassed to go out. Whether it's black leggings or blue leggings, paired with a pair of lightweight and convenient sneakers, it can stretch the proportion of the little fairy, showing a tall figure.

Match three: tight pants + oxford shoes

Whether our little fairy likes to wear a blue denim jacket or a windbreaker, and a tight-fitting trousers on the lower body, they can create a full street. And a pair of gray oxford shoes on the foot, injecting a high-quality texture into the overall shape.

Like the little fairy with the same color, the black color of the whole body of the same color, it must be very in line with your mind, it seems more concise, the girl is handsome, what is really a boy. After reading this match, Xiaobian couldn't help but madly call it.

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Match four: tight pants + high heels

As a little fairy, if you want to be a little feminine, you have to come up with a pair of high heels. And our tights with high heels are also very common. With the high-heeled shoes, the leg shape of the little fairy is directly modified, and the shape of the whole body is very clear.

Match five: tight pants + small white shoes

Speaking of small white shoes, Xiao Bian had to sigh, very common white shoes, basically a pair of people. I believe that there will be such a pair of high-flow white shoes in the small fairy's shoe cabinet, and the blue and white combination gives a very comfortable visual enjoyment. As if walking in the blue sky and blue sky, I don’t want to leave for a long time.

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Match six: tight pants + booties

Since it is a cold winter, then our little fairy must have a pair of short boots, with our tight pants, it is very capable. The upper and lower narrow profile is super thin.