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What shoes are best for the elderly, the most comfortable

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With the increase of age, the demand for the appearance of shoes is getting lower and lower, but in fact, the demand for the quality and comfort of shoes is not increasing. As a child, for the health and longevity of the elderly, have you chosen the right shoes? Many old people are easy to slip when walking, mainly because the shoes are not suitable for them or the quality of the shoes is not good. So choosing the right shoes is very necessary for the locals.

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Breathability is the key

Because the feet of the elderly are afraid of being cold, even the hottest seasons will not choose the sandals of the young people to wear, so the breathability of the shoes is very important, because the moisture of the feet stays in the shoes more than 4- In 5 hours, the amount of heat lost will be more, which will easily lead to cold.

Material should be soft and comfortable

Hard bottom cushion. Old-fashioned shoes, the texture should be soft, so do not buy plastic or hard leather, soft leather is more suitable, but the sole should not be too soft, because the hard curved sole simulates the flexion of the sole when walking, can produce walking Help. Not only the sole, but also a certain hardness of the back of the shoe can also resist extrusion, giving the heel a greater support.

The sole has a large friction and the slip resistance is good.

Slip sole is an important cause of wrestling for the elderly, and the impact of a wrestling team is very great. Therefore, when choosing shoes for parents, try to choose shoes with non-slip soles to prevent walking and slipping, by increasing shoes and ground. The friction reduces the tension of the old man's legs.

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Heel control is around 2-3 cm

The shoes selected for the elderly, the heel is preferably no more than 3 cm, the closer the stability to the ground, the less likely it is to slip. However, it is not suitable for a complete flat heel. It can have a heel of about 2 cm to improve the earthquake resistance of the soles of the elderly and to protect the intervertebral discs.

As the elderly grow older, the muscles and ligaments of the feet will also degenerate, the muscle strength will also weaken, and the elasticity of the arch will be gradually lost. Therefore, the elderly wear cloth shoes to help maintain the feet. After reading the above introduction, I will buy a pair of shoes suitable for them for the elderly at home.