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What's the latest NIKE AND ADIDAS 13 style unsold high-scoring sneakers

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What's the latest NIKE AND ADIDAS 13 style unsold high-scoring sneakers

This year, I have been exposed to a variety of shoes, but do you know that many of the most anticipated and upcoming heavyweight sneakers have appeared in the Holy Land (EMAOR.COM) and even sold on the shelves! ! Of course, there are not a few factories that look at the goods, and these rough shoes are not a threat to us. However, those top-level factories that use the means of channel to get out of the genuine products and then open the mold to make goods are really a big threat to those consumers who want to buy genuine products. Let's take a look at it today. Recently, the most popular replica of the shoes in the media is what it looks like! !

NO.1 Black Red Air Jordan 11 “Bred”

nike Air Jordan 11

From the beginning of last month, the black and red Air Jordan 11 "Bred" is frequently exposed on the Internet. As the big devil who debuted at the end of the year, it is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated shoes for this year's shoe players.

This year's replica of the black and red Air Jordan 11 has always been the focus of everyone's attention.

Needless to say, the classic black and red theme, followed by the number "23" in the first year, in the form of a print.

Another major concern is the patent leather area of the shoe body. The final official release version should still be a large patent leather design, continuing the ideas of the previous years and maximizing the design of the first year.

Although there is no information on any volume at present, according to the conventions of previous years, this year's black and red color matching should have the same volume.

The latest news said that the shoes will be officially released on December 14th, the sale price is $220, we will continue to pay attention and bring tracking reports in the first time!

Air Jordan 11 “Bred”

Goods number: 378037-061

Release date: December 14

Offer price: $220 USD

NO.2 Basketball World Cup exclusive color matching Air Jordan 4

nike Air Jordan 4

In August of this year, the basketball World Cup that basketball fans around the world will pay attention to will be held in China.

To meet this important event, Jordan Brand created the exclusive Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 12 for its color scheme. After the exposure, the two shoes have recently ushered in the latest physical map, let's take a look!

The Air Jordan 4 features a red color as the main color, with black and white accents. Followed by the Flying Man Logo is a gold-plated design with a red upper to create a luxurious Chinese atmosphere.

The all-leather body and tongue have a good expressive feel, while the Air Jordan 4's signature breathable mesh and toe vents have new design elements that are inspired by the national flag of the participating country. A unique and novel visual effect.

According to current sources, the Air Jordan 4 will be on sale on July 6th for $200. The Air Jordan 12 will not debut until the World Cup starts on August 24, and the offer price is $190. We will continue to pay attention to and report more details.

Air Jordan 4 SE “FIBA”

Item No.: CI1184-617

Release date: July 6

Offer price: $200 USD

This is also the goods of the top factory. I just felt this fear just after I came out.

NO.3 Basketball World Cup exclusive color matching Air Jordan 12

nike Air Jordan 12 “FIBA”nike shoes Air Jordan 12 “FIBA”

The Air Jordan 12 has a beige body, the upper is made of pebbled leather, and the side reinforced leather has the same pattern as the Air Jordan 4. The red lining brings a more Chinese feel. Air Jordan 12 “FIBA”

In terms of details, the Chinese theme is continued on the Air Jordan 12. The gold buckle + gold plating TPU design, the most interesting thing is the Chinese character embellishment.

Goods number: 130690-107

Release date: August 24

Offer price: $190 USD

NO.4 US Spray Air Foamposite One “USA”

Air Foamposite One “USA”

To celebrate Independence Day, Nike will launch American-themed color matching shoes every year.

This year, Nike brought a US spray Air Foamposite One “USA” to reinterpret the American flag color with the 鸳鸯 + yin yang design.

Today's official release, the release date is approaching.Air Foamposite One WMNS “USA”

The biggest feature is the use of the internal and external heterochromatic yin and yang design that is rare in the bubble. Both sides of the feet are pure white, while the inner side is dressed in red and blue.

The logos, shoes and other details of the two feet are also presented in opposite colors. The yin and yang design also has the effect of different colors of the feet, and the feet must be extremely individual.

Another detail is that the Swoosh of the upper and the insole are all designed with a broken hook. The small piece of guessing echoes the design theme of the shoe stitching. At the same time, the design of the red and blue shoes at the neckline is unprecedented.

It is reported that this super-individual new bubble will be on sale on July 1st, and the specification is WMNS. For more details, we will continue to pay attention and bring the report as soon as possible.

Air Foamposite One WMNS “USA”

Goods number: AA3963-102

Release date: July 1st

Offer price: $230 USD

NO.5 Yeezy Basketball “Quantum”

Yeezy Basketball Quantum

In recent years, every new member of the Yeezy series has attracted a lot of attention. The Yeezy Basketball “Quantum”, which may be debut this year, is no exception.

Last month, Grandpa’s wife, Kardashian’s upper foot, once again caused the shoes to be heated. Recently, some foreign friends took the lead in drying the shoes.

As the first pair of basketball shoes in the Yeezy series, the design of the whole pair of shoes is completely different from all the previous Yeezy shoes.

Yeezy Basketball Quantum yeezy boots

The overall color is black and white and gray, and a variety of materials are spliced together to enhance the layering; the 3M reflective material added to the upper and the heel is highly recognizable.

The heel is very round and full of curved silhouette, looks more like a retro style of fashion shoes, wearing is not limited to basketball shoes.

NO.6 "No Resale 2.0" Air Jordan 1 "Gym Red"

Air Jordan 1 Gym Red

The Air Jordan 1 “Gym Red”, which is called “Resale 2.0” by many sneaker players, will be available for sale on Nike.com's official website this weekend.

On a white base, the body is dressed in very classic black and red to create a striking toe color scheme.

The black leather is delicate and lustrous, the red Swoosh Logo echoes the upper, and the white wing logo is accented with contrasting colors, giving the overall an eye-catching and unique texture.

On June 29th, at 9:00 am, it will be released on Nike.com's domestic official website. The price of men is ¥1299 RMB, and the price of GS is ¥899 RMB. Interested friends remember to set an alarm clock, don't miss it.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Gym Red”

Goods number: 555088-061

Release date: June 29

Offer price: ¥1299 RMB/¥899 RMB

NO.7 Yeezy 700 utility black black raw rubber

Yeezy 700 utility black

Recently, the most sneakers in the sneaker circle, the non-black angel Yeezy 350 V2 is the only one, not only the color is versatile, the look is good, the upper foot is more eye-catching.

In fact, as early as last month, adidas had announced on the official website the three pairs of pure black Yeezy shoes sold this month.

Not only the Yeezy 350 V2, but also the Yeezy 700 and Yeezy 700 V2, it definitely meets all your thoughts on Black Yeezy.

This week, we will finally welcome the last pair of the series, the official release of the pure black Yeezy 700.

It is still stitched with suede, mesh and leather, and the details remain 3M reflective.

The outsole is shown in raw rubber tones, and a cool black dress does not seem dull.

Interestingly, it seems that the pure black Yeezy is particularly popular with players. The current market price of Yeezy 350 V2 and Yeezy 700 V2 is higher than the original price.

Presumably, the original price of this pure black Yeezy 700, I am afraid it is also difficult.

In addition to the offline store reservations, the adidas official website is scheduled to be on sale on June 29, and the price is still ¥2,599.

NO.8 New York color matching Air Foamposite Pro

Among the common sneakers, there are many representative color combinations. The classic orange and blue New York color scheme is one of them.

Recently, another new New York color scheme, the Air Foamposite Pro, was re-exposed.

The foam upper of these shoes is made of rare black leather material, with the lychee of the shoe body, which presents a unique and superior texture.

The body is embellished with an orange and blue Swoosh Logo, and the blue outsole is finished with an orange hook.

Before the pair of shoes, there were also the Foamposite series, such as the Knicks and the Knicks.

These pairs are also decorated with large areas of bright orange and blue on the foamed upper, showing a very unique eye-catching appearance.

Article number 624041-010.

Air Foamposite Pro

Release date: Summer of 2019

Offer price: $230 USD

NO.9 Air Jordan 1 "North Card Toe"

nike shoes Air Foamposite Pro

The latest news said that in August this year, Air Jordan 1 "North Carolina Toe" was officially on sale.

The color scheme continued the most popular toe color match last year, but replaced the black with a more obsessive obsidian color.

At the same time, the details are complemented by powder blue and pure white, and the whole pair of shoes looks clean and elegant.

The Air Jordan 1 “Obsidian”, which will be released in August this year, will be built on the regular leather of Air Jordan 1, which is more durable and less scratchy.

At the same time, compared to the Air Jordan 1 "Blue Chill" male code of nearly 3,500 yuan speculation price, presumably this pair of "North Carolina toe" is not too difficult to start.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

Item No.: 555088-140

Release date: August 17

Offer price: $160 USD

NO.10 Air Jordan 13 “Lakers”

Air Jordan 13 “Lakers”nike shoes

The Lakers theme, which has always been popular, has been re-launched with the Air Jordan 13 shoe model and is scheduled to be released next month!

The lychee skin with the familiar texture of the fur, the classic and reveals the noble style of the Lakers!

The shoe body is stitched with a white upper and a purple midsole, and the sole details are complemented by bright yellow accents, echoing the Lakers theme!

Although the color scheme uses the Lakers' iconic purple poet, these shoes are actually designed to commemorate Michael Jordan's defeat of the Lakers in the 1990-91 season and win the first NBA championship of his career, with special commemorative significance!

There is also a full month of official release, a refreshing and highly recognizable visual presentation, whether it is the eye-catching Lakers dress, or the sharp and colorful appearance of the Air Jordan 13, I believe that there are not many friends who want to start!

Air Jordan 13 “Lakers”

Goods number: 414571-105

Release date: July 20

Offer price: $190 USD

NO.11 new shoes type Yeezy 451

Yeezy 451

As early as last year, Kanye personally exposed, the new shoe type Yeezy 451 not only uses a unique naming method, but also exaggerated outsole like the volcanic shape, which left us a deep impression, and finally "Yeezy 2019", can not help but attract people's imagination !

Kanye personally exposed the Yeezy 451 outsole and said 2019 debut

Yeezy 451 adidas

Today's new physical spy photos emerged from the network, and for the first time appeared on the foot!

From the physical pictures released now, there is no clear indication of the details of the midsole technology. I wonder what surprises this aunt and adidas will bring this time?

This time, 3 color schemes were released, and the shoes were made of large-area breathable mesh. The loop curve texture was connected with the outsole, and the leather and 3M reflective details were decorated on both sides, which was quite visual with butterfly wings!

NO.12 OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 “MCA”

OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 “MCA”

The OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 "MCA", which has been frequently exposed recently, will finally be officially released, and the official map has been officially released.

As early as last year, the pair of OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 was first exposed, which caused a lot of attention. Then I put out the news that the "The Ten" series is coming to an end, and many people once thought that the shoes would not be released again.

Until last month, OFF-WHITE leader Virgil Abloh, again on Instagram, the pair of OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1, let the sale of these shoes once again become a super attention event in the sneaker circle.

The design continues the style of OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1, which is presented in blue for the first time, with a silver Swoosh Logo, embellished with white slogans, and presents a deconstructed design.

In the past, the silver Swoosh dress appeared only on the limited-edition "Moma" limited color, I hope this new color can be bought by more people who like it!

OFF-WHITE x Air Force 1 “MCA”

Item No.: CI1173-400

Release date: June 2019

NO.13 OFF-WHITE x Nike Zoom Kiger 5

OFF-WHITE x Nike Zoom Kiger 5 nike

Virgil Abloh and Nike's joint collaboration have opened a new chapter, with the theme of “Athlete in Progress” creating a new series with a strong sporting temperament.

The immediate OFF-WHITE x Nike Zoom Kiger 5 is the first shoe of this new theme.

Inspired by the unique aesthetics of the track and field, the shoe is designed to pay tribute to the runner's unbreakable willpower.

OFF-WHITE x Nike Zoom Kiger 5

The sporty Zoom Kiger 5 shoe body also implements Virgil's structural aesthetics, with iconic deconstruction of Swoosh, unique tongues, anti-drop buckles, and OFF-WHITE fonts.

This shoe is made for women and also has a men's size, but it is unclear whether it will be available in China for more than 40 sizes.

Since OFF-WHITE x Nike has not brought new works for a long time, this time it will definitely have a high popularity.

However, the current market is still unstable. It is recommended that friends who like it pay attention to the official release of Nike AND EMAOR.COM, or wait until the official release.

The new joint name, of course, the channel original shoes have been obtained early. The top manufacturers are now more perfect than the details of who. This shoe will be evaluated separately afterwards.