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What kind of fashionable sneakers that the girls love to wear in the street?

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What kind of fashionable sneakers that the girls love to wear in the street?

1, Adidas 

Pure Boost X Adidas's marketing strategy in the past few years, and often turn their own sports shoes into explosion models. There are many series of sports shoes, adidas Pure Boost X is the continuation of the heat of Ultra Boost, the introduction of the exclusive series of girls, not only full-featured and stylish models. And Shu Qi's "wedding shoes" is not a pair of ordinary shoes Oh, it is the British fashion designer Stella McCartney and Adidas, launched in August Adidas X Stella McCartney Pure Boost X. Presented in nude pink and red and black colors respectively, nude pink is full of girlish flavor, red and black color show flirtatious flavor, and the design is also very comfortable. Is there an impulse to put on a marathon?

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2, New Balance 

In recent years, NB's shoes are filled with the streets, the market has also appeared in a variety of NB's God-level cottage: New Balun, New Balance leading ... but there are still many influx of people can wear New Balance sports shoes Very beautiful. Lao Jia Song Jia of the street photography world also passed its home ML999WEU, this shoe is simple and practical, very good to take clothes oh. If you only buy a pair of New Balance retro shoes, personally feel that you can try M99X. The 99X series has always been a classic retro series that many people chase. It may be that many NB fans value its excellent pedigree. This is New Balance's new M997CSP this season, belongs to men and women, and has a mid-bottom lightweight shock absorber function. (Sisters can consider it as a couple's shoes - ^_^--) American-made M99X, born in the 90s, the first high-performance running shoes with ABZORB cushioning technology. With exquisite craftsmanship and quality made in the United States, it is also a retro classic sought by many people.

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3, Nike 

won a large number of fans with a strong market share, also won the hearts of Girls in sports shoes. Take a look at Wei Mi Yao Yao Meng, fitness, but also do not forget to show her beautiful shoes, but also enough enough ... ... Summer is coming to an end, but does not mean that the bright color will end, Nike's new Nike Air Huarache "University Red", let the temperament red. If Girls feel that the above is too "shouting", you can choose Nike Roshe One, it is very simple design, very Zen, and many people will use it as a fashion match. There are pure white models, no extra trim for the shoes, and the EVA foam outer sole is very lightweight. (It will take you back to 17-year-old white shoes - ^_^--)


 Tiger Gel-Lyte III like running girls must know ASICS, it is a symbol of professional runners. Its products represent Japan's exquisite and professional ethnic culture. Good design performance, bright colors, and a cool look. For everyday casual wear, ASICS Tiger Gel-Lyte III is recommended. It was born in 1991 and has been one of ASICS' most popular shoe types. It is also the signature shoe brand that has been the main brand in recent years. Out of the most color and joint names, it has also become a trend of leisure sports. Take a look at the following ASICS Tiger GEL-Lyte III "Albino Papercut", using the concept of paper-cut design, color is also very refreshing wild, is not your favorite pair of shoes? (There are lovers with a design!!!) and ASICS Tiger GEL-Lyte III "Black Chili", decorated with a little gray and pepper red, low-key but not monotonous. There are also ASICS Tiger GEL-Lyte III "Strawberries & Cream" filled with sweetness and ambience! ! (Is it impulsive to watch it eat strawberries and cream?)

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4. Puma

Puma will choose different spokespersons based on different sports styles. For example, the new classic Suede shoes collection in autumn 2016 was recently released. The model was endorsed by international supermodel Liu Wen, and the classic Suede shoes were preserved with a casual, dynamic street style. The upcoming Sneakerness x PUMA Blaze of Glory Sock “Paris Patriot” is a blue, white and red classic with a very eye-catching look.

In addition to these shoes, there are a number of very popular co-branded models, a shoe type can be derived from a large number of series. 

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