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What is the style of women's boat shoes, ladies boat shoes

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What is the style of women's boat shoes, ladies boat shoes

Elegant professional

A little wedge heel can lighten the sense of leisure of the flat sole itself, and the color, the decoration of the upper and the pattern embellishment can also make the shoes exude different temperament. The most detailed detail of this style is the metal buckle, which can increase the elegance and maturity of the working girl.

The most attractive is the blue-and-white porcelain pattern, the toe is decorated with a simple metal buckle and two layers of bows, fresh and elegant.

Round head X with different heel shoes, low-key luxury and mysterious purple, with white and space silver ribbon, both stable and very intellectual.

The delicate zebra pattern and black buckles of the zebra pattern shoes are the mature gas field of OL.

Silver with space-inspired silver and metallic dark copper and light gold heel to create a harmonious color, so that fashion is soaring.

The rose of the rose wedge heel is embellished with elegant grey glossy patent leather and is generous.

Bows with enchanting fuchsia lacquered patent leather and mysterious black acrylic

Zhang, exudes a feminine temptation.

The overall design of the word with round head shoes is very simple, with a contrast of shades of blue, with a chiffon top and cropped trousers will be quite Sven.

Rose boat shoes, blue chiffon roses reflect mystery and luxury, fur adds a sense of ethereal, very light and mature woman

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Rhinestone flats

Shiny rhinestones embellish the low-key blue-black fabric, which is mature and noble.

Fresh and rural

It doesn't need to be too complicated and embellished. Simple and comfortable has already expressed the essence of flat shoes. Want to play the fresh style of flat shoes, your fashion should be relaxed and happy, the color can not be too dark, the style can not be too formal, the tulle and chiffon in the early autumn season are the fabrics that match the flat shoes.

Transparent sequined boat shoes cover the transparent shoes on the whole pair of shoes to make people's eyes shine, with red and black bottom flowers, the effect is very special.

Colorful cloth sheepskin shoes are colorful and colorful, wearing such a special pair of shoes like wearing a painting.

The design of the invisible heel of the checkered boat shoes is very clever, which not only beautifies the overall shape of the shoes, but also increases the comfort of wearing.

Does the floral shallow-mouth flat shoes and the small bow of the toe bring you to the fresh air suburbs?

The three-dimensional small flowers on the toe of the three-dimensional small flower boat shoes are the biggest highlights, and the design with a little heel makes the wearing more comfortable.

The metal button on the toe of the leisure boat shoe adds elegance to the design, yet is practical and eye-catching.

The upper of the leather shoes of the flat shoes is very special, and the idea of wrapping the shoes around with a pink polka dot ribbon is also very impressive.

Serpentine boat shoes are full of fresh python, pink orange stripes and bows bring a little youthfulness.


Pink punt shoes

This pink, flat-bottomed shoe that can be moved is quite elegant, perfect for ladies. Just like the feeling of flowers at the feet, in the beautiful spring day, stepping on the light boat shoes, the mood is floating together.

Classic shallow boat shoes

The classic and unbeaten style, with casual wear, can show a generous and decent feeling. Simple colors, thin fabrics make the feet liberate, and travel essentials.

Rivet decorative boat shoes

This unique design is very special, the effect of rivet decoration makes the sense of nobleness multiply, can match the fashion sense of strong clothing, let you feel like walking in the palace.

Red pattern boat shoes on white

The feeling of national style makes this white red pattern boat shoes show a unique feeling, with white or black clothing can make the whole person look full and simple and generous.

Butterfly ornament boat shoes

The decoration of the bow makes this brown boat shoe have different colors, noble and generous, it is a versatile piece. Whether it's a fashion-conscious costume or a national-style accessory, it can be paired with different styles.

Powder peach two-color boat shoes

What's special is the design of the two-color peach, the designer's unique fashion is so that you can have different feet at different angles. ~ Of course, with white clothing makes the whole person very good.

Dot hollow boat shoes

Dots are the material of many fashion design. Applying it to the design of the boat shoes, with different effects, the concise fashion sense is highlighted, and the feeling of blue elegance comes into being.

Purple black checkered boat shoes

The girl who loves the lattice control is the favorite! Even the boat shoes use the grid, the purple and black match looks very stable and looks good. The upper body with a light color can harmoniously express the overall generous feeling.

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When mentioning the snorkel shoes, the first reaction in the minds of many people is too lady. In fact, the influx of people including Kate Moss and others love to put it with jeans. Choosing a pair of styles of boat shoes instead of sandals is definitely a hot choice for this summer.

Flat-bottomed boat shoes have no height, it is difficult to lengthen the proportion of the body and modify the shape of the legs. Therefore, those who are not tall, have too thick calves or have bent legs should try to wear them as little as possible.

If your feet are wide, you can choose a modified strap-on boat shoe that can modify this shortcoming.

Matching with the boat shoes, the most suitable natural is the A-shaped umbrella skirt, but the length of the skirt should not be too long or too short, and the degree of knees is just right, otherwise the calf will look very large. In addition, the boat shoes are very nostalgic, with a dot or a collar, the effect will be lively.