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What is the price of the Hermes package, What else is worth buying in addition to the platinum package

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What is the price of the Hermes package, What else is worth buying in addition to the platinum package

Hermès is undoubtedly the most famous brand, and the bag is one of the best products in Hermès products. Having an expensive Hermès bag is the dream of every woman and a symbol of status. However, you can buy Hermes without money. Whether it is to show off the rich and red Guo Meimei, or the Taiwanese socialite Sun Hao, or Victoria Beckham, are all loyal fans of Hermes.

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In 1892, the Hermès Kelly bag prototype Hight Bag was launched. In 1930, the size was modified to facilitate the carrying of the ladies. It was already a limited edition of Hermes. Hermes Kelly became famous in Life magazine in 1956, when the magazine of Monaco, Grace Kelly, photographed her pregnant Hermes Kelly. The "Hight Bag" has since changed to Hermes Kelly, and it has also rolled up a frenzy. In 1980, Kelly added a new 40 cm model, initially available in 28 cm, 32 cm and 35 cm models.

Hermes Kelly, manufactured after 1970, has a unique mark in the harness, in which the pure letters represent the factory, then the year, and the last represents the code of the craftsman. When the Hermes Kelly bag needs repair, it will be returned to the craftsman according to this number.

In 1984, Jane Birkin met a man on Air France's flight, when the things in her bag were scattered, and the man next to her said to her: "You should carry a bag with a pocket." Jane Birkin replied Say: "When the Hermès brand produces a bag with a pocket, I will buy it." The man replied, "I am Hermes, I will make a bag with a pocket for you."

This man is Jean-Louis Dumas, CEO of the Hermes brand. Based on this coincidence, the Birkin bag came into being. Jane Birkin made a suggestion that he could design a bag that was bigger than the Kelly bag and had a globally popular Birkin bag. The Hermes bag is divided into two types: Hermes Kelly bag and Birkin bag. Both bags have different styles, so it is easy to distinguish them!

Hermès has also donated £30,000 a year to the charity chosen by Jane Birkin.

When you hear Hermès bags, you definitely think of expensive platinum or Kelly. These are symbols of luxury and status, but the Hermes brand of bags can be more than that. To this end, we have brought together the most comprehensive Hermes bag style and price comprehensive guide.

1.Kelly domestic price: Pupi 7-9 million RMB or so

Kelly can liberate his hands on one shoulder, lighter weight, more feminine temperament, and less difficult to match. It is these simple advantages that firmly grasp the hearts of Bai Fumei.

2. Constance domestic price: about 5.6-6.5 million RMB. Kang Kang is really too classic, but because of her scarce shipments (difficult process, especially hardware), Hermes has realized that Kang Kang can not bear the role of traffic explosion like Birkin and Kelly, so it is successive Launched Rouks, Verrou, 2002 and other Kang Kang replacement kits. But Kang Kang is still one of Togo's favorite bags, the perfect shape of 360 degrees without dead ends, can be sweet and salty. Even the big H buckle, which has always been spit out too much, is just a big hardware device in my eyes. I never think this is a logo.

3. Roulis Domestic Price: 50000RMB up and down, released in 2010 Roulis (pig nose, anchor bag), is an example of a successful counterattack. A few years before his debut, the star route was not smooth and not warm. In recent years, it has suddenly become a close-knit cotton jacket of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Taiwan actresses. Then, there is no suspense, fire.

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4.Lindy domestic price: 55000RMB up and down. I once had a friend from France asking me why Chinese women like Lindy's bag. Is it because Lindy looks like a dumpling? NO, I feel like ingot. In fact, Lindy’s mass base in the Chinese has always been excellent. Elegant and versatile, the shoulders are very convenient and practical. Especially in the past few years, Lindy is more difficult to find a package, there must be a package. But foreigners can't appreciate Lindy. I think she looks strange, and her weight is not too light. Practicality is a false proposition.

5.Picotin Domestic Price: 21000RMB up and down, the vegetable basket is recognized, the most feminine entry. As released in 2002, Martin Margiela was the last "heritage" in the Hermes period. Picotin has always maintained a state of "although not very popular, but always flattering." Lightweight, practical, cute, not squeaky, warm to the touch. There are many advantages and disadvantages, such as the inability to close. And this retro temperament, do not know how to match everyday, or that 拎Picotin does not need to match.

6. Verrou Domestic Price: 50000RMB Up and Down Although I don't want to see Verrou so much, but she has the blessing of the Queen of Power. Plus the "2017 new release" aura, and she said that is the hardest bag in the Kang Kang replacement package. As a result, her attention has never been reduced, and some cities even need a small amount of stock to buy her.

7. Herbag domestic price: around 19,000RMB. Herbag is almost a topic that can't be avoided in the entry ring. People who like her love her, and are obsessed with her art, neutral, light, and casual. People who don't like her are very puzzled: "Why should I spend 20,000 oceans to buy a canvas bag?" It is difficult to take care of, not like the Hermes bag.

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Recently, a Hermès fuchsia crocodile Birkin Bag has updated the auction price of the highest price in the auction history with an auction price of $22,290 (approximately RMB 1,381,200). This Hermès rare and bright purple "Porosus" series of crocodile leather 35 cm diamond cypress bag with 18K white gold and diamond accessories, the workmanship is comparable to a piece of art. Why the platinum package can sell such a staggering price, still attracting a large number of people, including Victoria Beckham and other celebrities, and will not hesitate to wait for 6 years (according to Hermès officially, the platinum package is very small, custom one It usually takes at least a few months, and the current waiting time is up to 6 years.

It takes time and effort for Hermès craftsmen to make Hermes bags.

1: It is extremely difficult to conceive a platinum package first, at least 48 hours.

2: The Birkin Bag, which has always been identified as a selling point, is responsible for the whole process from the beginning to the end by a craftsman in production to maintain its pure quality. Each piece of material used is cut by a unique craftsman by a unique technique. Two rare leathers with delicate textures are spliced into a body, and the handles are sturdy. In addition, the flip cover adds security to the bag, and the larger opening makes the bag practical and atmospheric.

3: A 25cm platinum package takes 18 hours, while a 40cm size requires about 30 hours. Each Hermes platinum bag has a set of logos containing a letter and an Arabic number on the back of the metal buckle. The letters indicate the year of production: if N is 2010, O is 2011, P is 2012, and the number is the identity code of the craftsman.


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