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What is environmentally friendly clothing Health clothing

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What is environmentally friendly clothing Health clothing

1. The basic concept of ecological clothing

The so-called ecological clothing, also known as "environmental clothing" or "green clothing", refers to clothing that does not pollute or harm the environment and the human body from the production to the consumption to the post-processing. With the aim of protecting human health and maintaining the natural environment, it strives to make clothing feel comfortable, relaxed, returning to nature, eliminating fatigue and feeling comfortable. It emphasizes the efficient use of natural resources and energy, pays attention to the low-carbon symbiosis between man and nature, implements eco-environmental thinking, and pays attention to the recycling of materials.

environmentally friendly clothing

2, the conditions of ecological clothing

As we all know, a piece of clothing uses chemical chlorine, formaldehyde and other substances that are seriously harmful to the human body and the environment in many aspects from the selection and processing of fabrics to bleaching and dyeing. This requires ecological clothing to have the following conditions: there is no pollution to humans, animals and plants in the entire production and processing chain from raw materials to finished products; clothing can not contain substances that cause harm to the human body or not exceed certain limits; Post-treatment must not cause pollution to the environment. In addition, it should be tested, certified and decorated with the appropriate logo. Ecological clothing also generally has various functions such as deodorization, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation, anti-itch, and humidification. Environmentally-friendly clothing refers to the use of natural fibers in raw materials, printing and dyeing chemicals and pigments that are harmless to the human body, strictly controlling harmful substances such as formaldehyde residues and halogenated dye carriers, and eliminating the use of 22 kinds of carcinogenic intermediates and corresponding more than 100 kinds of fuel additives. Clothing and more than 10 kinds of harmful heavy metals. Some developed countries stipulate that environmentally friendly clothing must have corresponding signs of poison testing. Choosing 

eco friendly clothing brands

environmentally friendly apparel has become a legitimate demand of consumers. Natural fiber, whether cotton, hemp or silk, has been favored by consumers because of its non-toxic, harmless and no side effects, and has become a hot spot for consumption in the 21st century. Traditional cotton wool garments are also popular because they are automatically discarded after two or three years of disposal, reducing environmental pollution.



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