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What are the types of sports shoes? Sports shoes type introduction

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What are the types of sports shoes? Sports shoes type introduction

When we are going to run, we will think of going to buy a pair of jogging shoes; when we want to play basketball, we will definitely prepare a pair of professional; and when we are going to do outdoor activities, we will Go buy a pair of outdoor; when we want to play badminton, table tennis, tennis, golf... we will choose the corresponding sports shoes, and today the variety of sports shoes is very rich, when we talk about the sports shoes under our feet, we The types of these sports shoes will be specifically mentioned, and the sports shoes are already very subdivided. So what are the types of sports shoes? In general, the types of sports shoes are subdivided by function.

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1, basketball shoes

Basketball shoes can be divided into power type and speed type. They are also divided into normal version and professional version according to function. The normal version of the sole is the level of the texture, suitable for indoor basketball, and the price is moderate; while the professional version is in the original. On the basis of some, the air cushion and anti-twist function are added to strengthen the foot and the price is higher.

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The soccer shoes have rubber studs on the soles, and the uppers are made of kangaroo leather or synthetic leather. The soccer shoes are designed for playing football from the sole to the upper. The Falcon series soccer shoes are excellent, using predator hunting. The eagle is timely, enhances the control and directionality and precision when it comes into contact with the ball. The sole traxion nails ensure the excellent grip performance of the shoes while reducing the pressure exerted on the ground by the studs.

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With a wide range of shock absorption and breathability, most of the running shoes have two inner and outer heel sections, which improves the efficiency of the movement from heel to forefoot during running. The front part of the shoe has a large space. To ensure that the foot is fully stretched inside the shoe.

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Suitable for many indoor sports: badminton, table tennis, tennis, etc., the appearance is very similar to running shoes, but the function is still poor, the forefoot and heel are very wide, with strong adaptability, to meet various training needs, suitable A variety of sports. Also known as "all-round shoes."

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It has strong abrasion resistance, good protection, waterproof drainage, heat insulation, etc. These functions can protect our feet while we are outdoors, and keep our feet dry and breathable.

The classification of these sports shoes is common to us. We can sneak into the sports shoes of each sport, and the sports shoes give us protection, but the functional sports shoes should be worn for 6 months. Replaced.