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What are the main points of fashion design

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What are the main points of fashion design

The design of the garment is related to its four elements: style, color, material, and fabric.

But the well-designed clothing must first pay attention to the design of the clothing.

clothes definition

Apparel styling refers to the structural relationship between the shape of the garment and the presence of the enamel, including the external styling and internal styling, also known as the partial styling of the overall styling. Points, lines, faces, and bodies are the basic elements of all shapes.

In the field of clothing art, after the human body dresses, the feelings, materials, techniques and relationships between them are the elements that make up the clothing. Of course, from the perspective of protecting the human body, the reason for distinguishing it from other plastic arts is that it must be attached to the human body and follow the laws of human motion.

Color and shape are the subjective artistic sensations of clothing. The artistic beauty of color is expressive and symbolic, and as the shape of a specific style of animal, its artistic beauty has a sense of form, space and emotion.

The two tend to exist at the same time in the clothing styling, and there are three kinds of concrete manifestations: the sum of the two elements, mainly color, or style, or both. The process of garment styling is essentially the process of materializing the design intention, and is the process of completing and perfecting the organic transformation of the garment material into the finished garment, that is, through the matching, processing and shaping of the garment fabric and the decorative material. Methods such as appearance processing make it an organic component of clothing style. Therefore, fabrics and decorations are the main objective material factors of clothing.

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The main point of the clothing design is that the clothing style is equal to half of the clothing design, and the other half is the clothing color design. Although some people think that the first impression of clothing is color, first of all, the color is reflected in the eyes of the observer, but the design steps often start from the shape, and then determine the shape and then match the color. Therefore, in this sense, the processing of the styling is more difficult than the processing of the color, and it also reflects the design level.

No matter what type of clothing style, in addition to the common form of beauty law and modeling methods, having a good sense of clothing is the key to doing a good job. The so-called clothing feeling refers to the designer's excellent perceptual knowledge and sensitive perception of clothing and related things. To a certain extent, this feeling seems to be innate. In fact, it has a considerable relationship with the human growth environment and the cultivation of the day after tomorrow. This is why the fashion center must be a big city rather than a small town. One. Although some tailors have quite skilled techniques to make their clothes clean and tidy, they are not flattering their designs, and they always feel that they lack something in their designs. Therefore, it is very important to improve the designer's perceptual knowledge of clothing and to explore the depth of perception of clothing. Novelty, fashion, personality (you have to have some ideas of your own)