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What are the characteristics of French clothing style

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What are the characteristics of French clothing style

In France, only girls in the urban area of Paris may be the most classic image of the “French” girl in the heart of the majority. The girls outside the city of Paris may look like most European girls. There are no very obvious French features.

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French girls are characterized by thin, blond, and smoking. The style of wearing and matching is roughly elegant, unscrupulous, and sinister. In fact, I think the appearance of French girls is the most important reason they look good. It is still difficult to have a French feel in the same clothes worn by Asians. Of course, if you are similar in size to a French girl, it is definitely French from the back.

That said, back to the dressing itself, the French with the core is simple.

Wear a dress in one piece, wear a little black dress formally, and wear a printed dress informally. The skirt should be longer and the most beautiful.

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The best combination of the two is tee jeans. So how do you wear long legs or thin legs? Tee is simple and simple, if there are some details of the style changes, such as the slanting shoulders, or the hem free knot.

More than three tests will test the power of the jacket. Classic chanel-style tweed jacket, choose a small suit for commuting to work, casual vacation is to wear a knit cardigan or a loose sweater or sweater.

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Maybe you will say that this kind of match is very simple, but in the end, you need to add a key point. French girls will match accessories, hats, scarves, scarves, bracelets, necklaces...

On the streets of France, you rarely see a girl without any accessories. And the more you wear it, the more you need accessories. On the contrary, when wearing formal formalities, their accessories should be less and less.

In fact, the essence of the so-called French elegance, casual, or wandering style depends on how the girl matches the accessories.