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Three strokes teach you how to distinguish Nike shoes from true and false

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Three strokes teach you how to distinguish Nike shoes from true and false

Nike is one of the most popular sports shoes brands in the world. Nike shoes are very imitation. Because the shoes of Nike entity stores are usually less discounted, more expensive, different places have different strengths, and the purchased goods are different. So many consumers like to choose to buy online. This has encountered a problem, how to distinguish the true and false Nike shoes.

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So how do you distinguish Nike shoes? Nike has many foundries, including Dongguan, Kunshan, Putian, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Although the origin is different, the quality is basically the same; but the price of Nike shoes at different prices may be The difference is large. Here to teach you how to identify Nike shoes true and false, I hope to help fans who like Nike shoes.

The first way: one to one comparison

The most scientific method is to compare the shoes one by one, seeing is believing.

One-to-one comparison between the purchased Nike shoes and Nike with the same item number (the same color), if there is no difference, it must be genuine. If there are still nuances, you can further compare them, because the nuances may be due to the normal differences between different origins (different factories) and batches in different years. The possible number is the same, but the material may be slightly smaller in the next year. Adjustment; if there are still doubts, please ask the brand company to confirm. In the case where the same style is not found, it can be compared with the different colors of Nike. The key is to look at the difference in the soles. If the sole is the same, it can be judged as genuine. Because the development of the sole is the most difficult, it often accounts for more than one-third of the total cost of the shoes. The fakes must be of the same quality as the original products, and the cost is too high. It should be noted that if you compare the way the official website pictures and styles are viewed online, there may be a color difference in the material due to factors such as lighting during shooting.

The second way: counter verification

The online shopping Nike shoes are taken to the offline Nike counter store for authentic identification. There are three problems. First, they are not purchased from the store. The clerk has no obligation to help non-customers to identify the authenticity. Second, the clerk tends to compare online shopping. It is a big resistance to emotions. If you are not an acquaintance, you usually have to deal with things. Third, the clerk of the store is now very mobile. Many new clerkes are not professional enough. At the same time, Nike launches thousands of models every year. The Nike styles that a shop purchases and sells are limited. It is normal for the clerk not to know a certain item. From this point of view, counter inspection is not necessarily 100% credible.

If you really want to go to a Nike store or counter to check the goods, it is recommended that:

First, I found the same style to compare carefully and believe in my own vision. Second, if you want to ask, don't say that it is online shopping, do not disclose the price, and avoid the enthusiasm of the clerk. The third is to ask the basis of the judgment of true and false, and then judge the accuracy by yourself.

The third way: by the retailer to submit Nike identification

Usually, the brand company does not accept the individual identification application of the individual consumer, and the relevant state departments cannot verify it. If you are a branded shoe purchased in a famous shoe library, if the above identification method is still undetermined, you can contact the customer service staff of the famous shoe library to make the shoes uniquely marked and then return to the shoe store. After confirming that the shoes are sold by the famous shoe library, they will directly communicate with Nike through the official shoe library official, and perform official identification according to the formal process.

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Extended reading: quality is the biggest misunderstanding of online shopping authenticity

Online and offline shoes are quite different. If you are not satisfied with buying shoes in a physical store, you can change one pair at a time. Even if the cable head problem is cut, the scissors will be bought. However, when online shopping is not satisfactory, it often feels more troublesome. In addition, the online store is mixed, and the trust in online sales is insufficient. As a result, when the regular e-commerce purchase such as EMAOR.COM is purchased, some small non-quality problems are encountered. Xiao Yan, enlarged into quality problems, general quality problems, and even upgraded to the big problem of real and fake goods.

As the leading footwear e-commerce company in China and the largest online retailer in Fujian, EMAOR.COM has been officially authorized by more than 30 international first-line brands such as Li Ning, Kappa, New Balance, Hummer, Adidas, Anta and Camel. Nike, Adidas, Hummer and other major brands of the relevant responsible person repeatedly exchanged seriously, unanimously believe that in addition to the authorization of authorized e-commerce purchases, the most scientific method of identification is to compare the progress of shoes one-on-one.

EMAOR.COM has more than 30 years of experience in footwear trade. Since its inception, it has insisted on quality inspection of each pair of shoes to ensure that each pair of shoes has no quality problems. EMAOR.COM purchases reliable products from brand companies or their designated authorized dealers. Before entering the warehouse, each shoe is taken out of the shoe box and placed on the assembly line. The professional inspector checks the quality of the shoes inside and outside, and checks Whether the quality problems such as cable head, color difference, overflow glue, and deformation are repackaged back into the shoe box, the good product enters the good warehouse, and the sales are started, and the defective product enters the defective product warehouse and is returned to the brand company.

Usually a pair of sneakers are hand-made by more than 300 workers in different processes. A certain percentage of quality problems are inevitable. For brand companies or manufacturers, the quality problem can only be controlled below one percent. Difficulty, but for the customer, the shoes he has received with quality problems are 100% unacceptable to him personally.

In order to solve the problem of a percentage of the possible problems, EMAOR.COM insists on investing a lot of manpower and cost for the customer to do the quality inspection, and the manual inspection may also have omissions, even if the quality problem is reduced to one in ten thousand, it is not checked out. There will be 100 customers in a million customers who have a bad experience and must be taken seriously.

Therefore, EMAOR.COM launched a 7-day policy of no return, 30-day replacement, to ensure that customers encounter a small number of goods or do not like the style, can return without any concerns, truly ensure online shopping worry-free.

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At present, the most popular identification method for brand-name shoes on the Internet is the shoe identification method.

In fact, the identification of the shoe mark alone is not rigorous. First of all, the imitation of the shoe standard is extremely low, and the production scale is less than 1 cent; secondly, the same brand, even if it is a genuine style, there may be slight differences in the size of the shoe between different places, different factories and different batches. Third, some of them are more sloppy by the difference between letters and lines. Different styles, different factories and different production periods often adjust the size of the shoe according to the shoe type, resulting in subtle changes in word spacing. Therefore, when we identify the authenticity of online shopping brand shoes, we should not judge by simply using the shoes.

Everyone has a big understanding of true and false shoes. Many shoe lovers or “experts” have mastered some identification “tricks”, but Nike, Adidas and other brand companies and production links are also in dynamic changes, there is no general magic weapon.

The Internet can often see all kinds of authenticity articles that identify brand shoes. As a personal opinion of netizens, it is recommended to use the above methods to identify when viewing. It should not be directly used as the final judgment standard.