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There will be no winners in the formation of the storms of Urban Meyer and Zach Smith.

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There will be no winners in the formation of the storms of Urban Meyer and Zach Smith.

Columbus, Ohio - On Friday morning, in the clear skies and 80 degrees Celsius, the Les Wexner football stadium at the Woody Hayes Sports Center looks quiet. When the Ohio State University football team took a convention against the media, a voice rang in the loudspeaker. Head coach Urban Meyer on Wednesday is not present. A special independent board of directors consisting of the Ohio University Board of Directors is starting an investigation.

It seems that the due process will clarify whether Meyer knows the history of domestic violence by former assistant coach Zach Smith - especially the 2015 event. The details of the many reports of the national college football writer Brett McMurphy need to be resolved more clearly.

At 11:30 am on Friday, Ohio State University sports director Jean Smith walked into his car, while local TV reporters shouted questions from behind the fence. Smith did not stop to answer. Big Ten Network analyst Stanley Jackson, a former Ohio quarterback, explained the reality of this situation shortly after Smith's car left the factory.

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“The sad thing here is that there is no winner,” Jackson told Sports News. "The Smith family has collapsed. There are two children there. This marriage is useless. Now you have Meyer's family involved. You have another coach's wife involved. This is very unstable." Jackson did not know these words. How predictive.

At 4:22 pm later that day, clouds formed. Meyer issued a statement on Twitter saying that he reported the so-called Zach Smith domestic violence incident in the right channel in 2015, which contradicted what he said on Big Ten Media Day after he dismissed Smith on July 23. .

At 6:02 pm, after a round of local radio shows, Zach Smith defended Meyer’s actions in an interview with the Sports Center. When asked if he would be fired if the same coach who fired him was fired, Smith gave an amazing answer. Smith said: "If he loses his job, it is wrong. This is the one who fired me. It will be a criminal act." Crime? Zach Smith said that he never abused his wife, and then at 6:54 pm McMurphy revealed another disturbing text exchange between Zach and Courtney Smith.

The Ohio State University storm has now become a complete whirlpool. The public relations nightmare that now looks like a survey is now a public relations nightmare between Zach Smith and Courtney Smith, Meyer, Jean Smith, the Ohio State government and the Buckeye fans, who want to know Meyer Whether it has a record of 73 wins and 8 losses since 2012, will be coached in 2018.

It only took a few hours, but the dazzling new release of information not only redefines Ohio State University, but also redefines college football in college. If anything is clear, self-protection seems to be a major priority for Meyer and Zach Smith.

Jackson is right. No winners.


All-in. This is the best way to describe Meyer's statement, considering that he is on an administrative leave at Ohio State University. Meyer associates his reputation with his future in Columbus and his coaching career with his statement. Before it was released, Columbus dispatch reporter Tim May had long wanted to know what kind of investigation the final game would be.

Columbus dispatch reporter Tim May told SN, "The most important thing is that we don't know all the facts yet. The facts have not been cleaned up for us." "I mean, what is the committee's most serious view of Urban Meyer? In the past, If A, B or C occurs, what is the danger he faces?

Meyer is not that easy. He groped about the explanation of Smith's 2015 event on Big Ten Media Days - and then said on Friday that he reported the incident. This raises the question: Why is Zach Smith still concerned about Meyer's employees and knows history? This is the risk that Meyer is taking and may eventually make him lose his job.