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The most crazy in history! "Revenge 3" budget of 1 billion US dollars

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Marvel's "Avengers: Infinity War" was officially opened in Atlanta, United States, and many heroes have joined, including "Star Trek", Spiderman, and Iron Man. The budget was blown out as much as US$1 billion (approximately RMB7 billion), of which 400 million yuan (approximately RMB2.8 billion) was paid by actors.

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"The Avengers III" was recently filmed at the pine chip factory in Atlanta, United States. Dan Cathy, a partner at the studio, revealed at a recent event that "we are shooting the highest ever budget in the United States. A movie with a cost of 1 billion yuan, but because he is restricted by a confidentiality agreement, he can't directly point out which movie it is. "But everyone should be able to guess."

In fact, the "Avenue of the Avengers 3" is not the first time that the super-big budget has been reported. The previous "Bleeding Cool" pointed out the budget of the film, and also claimed that there are 4 in the US $ 1 billion budget. The hundred million yuan is used to pay for the actor's remuneration, and the reward of a person of the young Roberto Dune is as high as US$100 million.

According to the "Movie Pilot" report, before that, the 2011 "Ghosts and Ghosts 4: Ghost in the Sea" is the highest-budget movie so far, and it cost about $378.5 million (approximately RMB 26). Billion). Now shooting once cut into 2 "Avengers" series 3 and 4 will cost US $ 1 billion, so that the outside world is very much looking forward to the final results.

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