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Runners must read: how to make running shoes longer life

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Runners must read: how to make running shoes longer life

You invest in running equipment, in addition to hope that their sport more professional, and certainly hope that these equipment can be used more long. But some common mistakes can even make high-quality running shoes and sportswear shorten life. Here are a few things to keep in mind how you protect your running equipment, just as they carefully care for your running. In the " www.emaor.com " equipment from time to time there will be a lot of guidance for the operators who reference. 

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After running the rainy day, fully dry your running shoes.

  It is close to the heating source (but not too close, must not be put into the dry cleaning machine), with the newspaper to wet shoes wrapped, the toe or soles placed in a dry place to dry naturally. Newspapers also have a good absorption.

In some soft ground running, such as grass or trails, as little as possible to use the outsole, to reduce wear and tear.

Wash your shoes with moist sponge or mild soap. If the running shoes are nylon texture or with a mesh, but with a shoe brush clean shoes surface.

Clean the insole

You can use a sponge or a soft brush to clean, be careful not to use a washing machine or a dryer to remove the removable insole, otherwise it is likely to damage the sole material.

Daily maintenance

Running shoes bright and beautiful appearance, the need for regular maintenance. Defacement in a timely manner to avoid deformation of the basic material of the shoe. Different environment, season, different treatment.

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Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance has three points: First, the time is generally 3-7 days is better, this time on the need for a comprehensive clean, so that shoes more beautiful. Second, the cleaning method is different. Lightly contaminated sports shoes in accordance with conventional cleaning methods, serious pollution will need to soak and then carefully washed. Finally, the damage check. Sports shoes in a certain period of time will be damaged, this time the need for appropriate protection measures, so as to durable wear