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Paired with wedge sandals, it is called "classic" high heels

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Paired with wedge sandals, it is called "classic" high heels

Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce to you the style of sandals----tiling sandals, then what is a wedge shoe? Wedge heel, also known as wedge heel shoes, as the name implies, the heel portion has a wedge-shaped slope. Wedges are high-heeled shoes, but the wedges have a certain height under the soles of the feet. If the same height of ordinary high-heeled shoes and wedge shoes, the wedge shoes are not too tired. Wedges are generally a whole base with a base degree, and the back high heel is attached to the front shoes. Unlike the usual high heels, there is only one thin and independent one. The advantage of the wedge heel is that with the thick bottom, it can increase infinitely in a limited situation, and it is easier to walk than the thin high heel. The wedge sandals are one of the wedge shoes!

Wedge sandals and wedge sandals are among the most popular items in summer wedges. Wedge heel, wedge heel is a high heel, but the wedge has a certain height under the sole of the foot. If the same height of ordinary high heels and wedge shoes, the wedge shoes are not too tired. Wedges are generally a full base with a base, and the back high roots are attached to the front shoes. Unlike the usual high heels, there is only one thin, independent one. Wedge sandals are known as "classic". Looking at the old photos of the 1970s, it is not difficult to find that the heel shoes are everywhere, accompanying them on the feet of every girl. This year's nostalgic trend in the shoes is the long-lost wedge shoes re-appeared. This year's wedge sandals have been pushed to the forefront of fashion, going to the leather shopping malls of department stores, and various brand counters such as Sijiatu, FED, Lyles Dan, Belle and so on have launched unique wedge shoes.

Wedge sandals advantage features

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Heel is unique

This summer's wedge shoes no longer take the previous route, a large piece of hard state is stepping on the foot, as if walking on a stone of leopard fish mouth wedge shoes. Although the upper body is graceful and light, the beauty is immediately compromised as soon as the platform boots are exposed. The popular wedges are not too bulky at all, but rather to create a streamlined heel curve. The latest design rule requires that both the horizontal plane that touches the entire wedge to the ground and the vertical plane that shapes the height should have a beautiful "S" shape and narrow the heel to make the heel look more refined and lighter. The new design of the wedge shoes not only lost the bulkiness, but also added a feminine charm and femininity.

Wedge sandals heel is higher than the sky

The thin and narrow heel is beautiful to wear, but it is difficult to avoid the pain of wearing it for a long time. In order to allow women to wear high shoes, and can walk very long slopes with shoes, so that the wedge shoes came into being. After a few decades, the unparalleled advantage of wedge shoes still makes it stand out. Wedges The 2005 heel shoes are generally high in heels, and there seems to be a temperament that “want to compare with the sky.” Although it is high, it is comfortable to wear because of the design of the wedge and the use of light materials for the heel. Even if it is not far from the flat shoes, it is also the most free and easy group of high-heeled shoes.

Wedge sandals for the crowd

◎The combination of the rounded and sturdy lines of the calf and the wedge shoes will lead to various conjectures about sex;

◎ The gospel of a petite girl does not appear to be abruptly matched with the beauty of the stretch ratio;

◎The style of the wedge heel is mostly combined with the retro style, so the girl with the skin color is very suitable for the girl;

Wedge sandals for occasions

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◎ Weaving heels and wedge shoes embellished with three-dimensional flowers are not serious enough, so it is forbidden to enter Office;

◎ Some simple design wedge shoes, if paired with pants, can make you look more straight;

◎ The latest design is to combine the silk scarf with the wedge heel, and the beauty is first-class. It is the party's choice;

Wedge sandals purchase tips

◎Wedge heel shoes Choosing shoes and mopping styles will be more casual, of course, this is the best way to reflect the wedge style;

◎Because the slope is generally more than 5cm, the shoe size is better than the usual one, which will balance the vision;

◎The style of In is a form of decoration with three-dimensional flowers, only because of the stability of the slope.

Wedge sandals with preferred

The wedge heel comes with a romantic temperament, and it is a leisurely and rustic style. With a black gown and a classic black with mystery, it can reflect the romantic style. It is recommended that each wearer design a set of outstanding clothing for himself and find a match that can express his own style.

Wedges with lotus skirt

Emphasizing the matching effect of the wedge heel and the bottom, it is a very effective correction method for three different leg shapes. Whether it's a skirt or a trousers, you can find a way to match them.

Wedges VS N pants

In the summer, the most common trousers are N-shaped trousers. The trousers and trousers are also equipped with different characteristics of the wedge shoes to modify the leg shape.


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