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Overheard the NBA arena! Did he learn Rondo to overhear Warriors tactics?

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Overheard the NBA arena! Did he learn Rondo to overhear Warriors tactics?

The Rockets defeated the Warriors by 95-92 and put the total score of the West in a 2-2 tie. At the end of the third quarter with 7 minutes and 32 seconds, the game entered a pause period, and an interesting scene emerged. A white figure appeared beside the circle formed by Warriors players!

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Trevor Ariza, he quietly approached the Warriors bench, his eyes darted to Cole's tactical board, and then pretended to be nothing, silently walked to the Rockets bench. Seeing this scene, the commentary on the scene was all laughed. Weber quipped: “Ariza must not be wrong.”

The overhearing situation in the NBA are frequent. The most impressive one is the defender Rajon Rondo. He has more than once “sneaked into the enemy camp” to steal information. Even if he is discovered by the other party, Rondo is often thick. Do not leave because of my face.

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After all, Rondo is a figure who intends to become a coach in the future. The coach's tricks are obviously not enough. He really grasps all the learning tactics!

As for Ariza, don't look at his data. He is also an indispensable figure in the Rockets. Especially on the defensive end, he is a weapon that limits the opponent's multiple knives. At the last minute of the game, Ariza's defensive madness made Thompson even cast a nonsense.

In this game, Ariza contributed 9 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal and 1 block. The data looked very mediocre, but he included a very critical three-pointer and two key free throws in the 9 points. The Rockets then It is by relying on these five points to establish a leading edge and never let the Warriors go ahead.

From the personal positive and negative data, Ariza is the key puzzle of the Rockets' playoffs this year. As of now, the Rockets have played 14 games in the playoffs, and Ariza ranks first in the league in personal positive and negative numbers, accumulating +113, and slightly ahead of the second-ranked Warriors Green (+111). In other words, In 459 minutes when Ariza played, the Rockets won 113 points! Harden ranked second in the Rockets and won 98 points in 498 minutes.

This summer, Ariza’s contract expired. How many more contracts Will Morey plans to use to leave this role?

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