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Outdoor hiking, what basic equipment should have?

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Outdoor hiking, what basic equipment should have?

If it is a normal outdoor trip, the following equipment should be sufficient

sleeping bag

Whenever sleeping bags are one of the most basic equipments for outdoor camping, their functions can be said to be irreplaceable. In the selection, you should consider the weather conditions, the user's physique, etc., and choose different sleeping bags according to the actual situation. In general, sleeping bags should be light and warm, and easy to compress, easy to carry. From the inner packing (insulation layer) can be roughly divided into down and rayon two. From the appearance of the main mummy and envelope type.

Moistureproof mat

Whether the insulation under the sleeping bag is good or not determines whether you can sleep well in the wild. Moisture-proof mat plays a role in moisture-proof, insulation (warmth-keeping), sleep comfort, and the like. Generally divided into three types: inflatable cushions; moistureproof mats (also known as beach mats, made of high density sponge, cylindrical, single use); tent mats (tourist leisure mats, is made of new PE foam material, There is a reflective film on one side and a color film on the other side. It is mainly used for laying the bottom of the tent.)


It is also one of the must-have items. There are many varieties on the market, and there are three types of structures: triangle (also called herringbone type), dome type (also called yurt type) and house type (also called family type). From the structure, it is divided into single-layer structure, double-layer structure and composite structure; it is divided into metal brackets and glass fiber brackets from the materials used for brackets; it is divided into waterproof cotton cloth, nylon silk and advanced waterproof breathable nylon silk from the fabric of the tent. Etc.; in the size of the space is divided into a number of models, there are two types, three-type and multi-type and so on. Purchase should consider their own actual needs, in the use of fire prevention, anti-sharp objects scratch, after use, to dry.

hiking shoes

Need to wear comfortable shoes. General ordinary sports shoes, travel shoes, hiking shoes can be. Note the following points when choosing:

Shoes fabrics: There are leather, canvas and synthetic fabrics. The warmth, moisture resistance, ventilation, and feet protection of leather fabrics are all relatively good, but they are relatively heavy. At present, some synthetic fabrics also have the performance of leather and light weight.

Sole material: The outer sole is usually made of a relatively hard rubber sole, the inner sole is foamed, and the elastic rubber is used. The grooves on the soles are also very elegant. The effect is to increase the friction of the shoes.

Upper: The upper band has two functions. One is to protect the ankle; the other is to prevent foreign body from entering the shoes. But flexibility is not as good as low.

Lighting equipment

One of the wild camping essentials, choose flashlights, camp lights and headlights. It depends on the circumstances when purchasing, but pay attention to the volume and weight. The flashlight is flexible, but it takes up one hand, while the headlights free up both hands and the illuminated area moves with the line of sight. If you are away from home for a long time, consider using a spare light bulb and battery.

Basic medicine

In the field, consideration should be given to the physical discomfort caused by dissatisfaction with soil and water, and it is necessary to bring back medicines. However, it is not necessary to bring all medicines. The following basic medicines can be selected in combination with their own conditions:

Cold medicine: If you have a cold, Niuhuangjiedu tablets, black plus white, Banlangen tablets, etc.

Antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics: such as acetyl spiramycin, APC, Qingrexiaoyan capsule, Bai Yanjing, Ke Senmin

Gastrointestinal drugs: Baoji pills, norfloxacin, berberine, belladonna tablets

Five prescription drugs: oxytetracycline ointment, erythromycin ointment, anti-crack lipstick (Vaseline)

External Use: Bai Yao, Bai Yao,, Green Ointment, Injury and Pain Relief, Bandage, Gauze, Cotton

Snake-proof snake medicine: wind spirits, refreshing oil, snake medicine

Emergency medicine: pain relief spray


One of the essential supplies for survival in the wild is a lighter, flint or windproof match. Lighters are not as good as windproof matches in high altitude areas. Waterproof matches are stable but limited in quantity. Flintstones can be reused tens of thousands of times. A random flint can use sparks to ignite sparks to provide fire, even in inclement weather. Under conditions of rain soaked, as long as you can dry it.


The importance of the tool does not have to say more. Generally should bring two knives, big knives (such as daggers) and pocket knives (which can be multi-purpose). Should pay attention to the use of: First, when the knife is not immediately taken into the knife handle; Second, the order of the knife, the first knife and then receive other tools, must open a variety of tools last open the main knife; three can not play with the knife; four is Pay attention to maintenance, always apply lube oil and clean dirt in the handle.

Water equipment

Water tools should consider weight, volume, and firmness. There are generally stainless steel insulated kettles, military dual-purpose kettle (inside the kettle, a container for water can be used outside), fiberglass drinking water bottle (space cup), ordinary glass bile kettle, plastic kettle, space cup, sheepskin kettle and so on.

Emergency food:

To prevent some accidents, some emergency foods should be brought. Emergency foods should be small and refined. And high-calorie foods such as beef jerky, chocolate, compressed biscuits and so on.


There are also some small items, such as mobile phones (preferably two plates, and do not use lightly); compass (can help you identify the direction); plastic cloth (can replace rain gear, dig a pit on the ground, put plastic cloth when the basin ); identity documents; cooking utensils; garbage bags (do not leave garbage); maps (needs in unfamiliar places); survival whistle; pockets (24 hours without leaving the packet, some important documents, cash, knives, emergency drugs and other items are Can be placed inside; string, thin wire (for emergency use); cutlery; toiletries, etc.

Mountaineering backpack

Finally, a backpack is needed to hold these items. When selecting, care should be taken that the outer materials should be made of dense, waterproof, wear-resistant, flame-retardant and tear-proof materials, mostly Kodra and high-density Oxford nylon cloths (Hi- Density Nylon Oxford); straps, waistbands and back pads should be wide and thick, and the back pad has a wicking ventilation slot. The volume of 50 liters or so, and at least 2-3 side or top cover. Men choose backpacks of 50 liters or more, and women can choose a 40 litre or so.

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