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Las Vegas Void: Did the Golden Knights insult the entire world of hockey?

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-05-20      Origin: Site

Las Vegas Void: Did the Golden Knights insult the entire world of hockey?

Las Vegas killed Ron Francis? Ice hockey writer Damien Cox raised this issue on Thursday, did one thing for the sports net, and doing so I think he is pulling the corner covering the abyss' tarpaulin. On Wednesday, the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes announced that Francis was a legendary player who was actually synonymous with the Dixieland Club and was "promoted" from his position as general manager and became the team's "hockey president". . It was angered by the brutality of this move.

Sometimes, you will find that the hockey team’s GM will be “boosted” in this way and given “operational” work with “sincere reasons” - when the owner wants to keep the people he trusts the most from Focus on big strategic pictures. However, the owner of New Carolina Tom Dunton deliberately announced that the new GM will report to him, not "President" Francis. Obviously, Ronnie Franchise is what financiers and bureaucrats call "gardening vacation."

Since the Stanley Cup won in 2006, the hurricane has fallen into a mediocre and difficult situation to attend. Dundon is diving from the financial world to Raleigh North Carolina to save hockey, and Cox said keeping an experienced player turned into a management team to manage the team is no longer as attractive as it used to be - mainly because in 2017-18 The inexplicable performance of the season's Las Vegas Gold Cavaliers' expansion team was frustrating.

This offseason Las Vegas comes from the elimination list of other NHL clubs. The initial draft of the expansion was a more generous VGK through conscious design than the historic draft. But Cavalier GM George McPhee is more creative than his expansion pioneer. He agreed to select a few "suboptimal choices" from the NHL roster for additional draft picks and run-in, and quickly dispose of some of the players he selected in exchange for more draft picks and run-in.

No one thinks that the Golden Knight will be very good immediately

At the time, this seemed like a foundation for the future, not an immediate success. VGK is the first entrant to the professional sports league to avoid. Whether successful or not, it will attract fans in the first year. Analytical observers appreciated this novelty. But no one thinks that the Golden Knight will be very good immediately.

Well, we have almost 70 games in 82 games, and the Cavaliers are almost far from the NHL's Pacific Division. They have become important contenders for the playoffs and have the 24th largest salary cap in the 31 leagues. Knightsport goalkeeper Marc-André Fleuri seems to have exhausted gas in Pittsburgh and is enjoying a revival. The Florida Panthers, who face salary cap distress, agreed to expose Jonathan Macchetzo to the Cavaliers and surrendered to the forward of Raleigh Smith to ease the troubles of the deal: Marchesa and Smith are the strongest in Vegas. Two thirds. The former franchisee, David Perron, once scored 60 points out of 61 games in the league. In general, I would not be surprised if he saw him appoint Lucas mathematics professor.

In the early part of the season, crediting the Cavaliers' success to the "Las Vegas flu" is a common thing. It is said that this team has a special home ice advantage for the overabsorbed scorers in the 24-hour Las Vegas Desert Party environment. If you think that this theory is a bit unfair, you can attribute this "flu" to an unusually festive atmosphere on the Cavaliers stage, or the emotional consequences of a terrible mass shooting in October at this city concert. ESPN even proposed theories involving casino “toxins” and tobacco smoke.

As of today, the Cavaliers do have the biggest goal gap in the NHL in home games, reaching +40. But their opponent on the road is also +6, tied for seventh place. This is not an unusual split, not a remote anomaly. The home of the Winnipeg Jets will be a good candidate for the NHL's anti-Vegas team, or an average world-class player. Their data are almost identical. It seems difficult to find the "Las Vegas flu" under the statistical microscope.

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Cox believes that Tom Dayton may have seen what happened in Las Vegas and asked him why his hurricane has been spinning for a long time. Raleigh is not the only NHL city for this issue. Almost all Canadian cities can raise this issue. The Cavaliers start from scratch, there are no bad contracts and old decisions, but they did not start with many star players from the early entry drafts. Hell, they don't have any star players at all.

As the narrative significance of the “Las Vegas flu” fades, the challenge of the Knight’s challenge to the NHL cannot make excitement and uncertainty unsettling. What happens if the NHL team has no real excuse for years? If the entire coalition is actually stupid and lacks imagination - what about the cartel that we are ashamed of? Or if it is all random and nothing complains? Is there any other multi-billion-dollar company that may be? The minds of the ice hockey fans are struggling to grab the empty bottom of Las Vegas...