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How to take care of lace shoes

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How to take care of lace shoes

Can be washed with normal washing methods.


1. Use a small toothbrush with detergent-clean water to clean dirty parts of the upper;

2. Then use a small toothbrush to clean with water.

3. Finally wipe with a dry cloth.

Insole (inner sole):

1, basically should try to avoid cleaning insoles. If there is odor, the insole can be taken out and placed in the air circulation to dry, or even use the footwear deodorant to remove the odor.

2. In case of bad conditions, the insole can be washed under a faucet and wiped lightly with a soft-bristle brush. Do not use any cleaning technology, otherwise the surface layer fabric may fall off.

3, placed in air circulation, air dry, do not use a hot air dryer or dry hair with a hair dryer to force the insoles to dry, otherwise the insole may be deformed.

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