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How to run healthy?www.emaor.com tell you!

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  1. Equipment

Equipping this matter is indeed a matter for the beholder to see the wisdom of the wise, and the needs of everyone are different. In the marathons, we often see great gods dressed in fancy dresses, or wearing leather shoes, slippers, bare feet, and can run the whole horse. However, for the early runners, the great God, and do not compare, we still need to be equipped to protect themselves and improve athletic performance!

1.1 There are three dimensions of shoe selection for running shoes: a) light, b) cushioning, c) stability For runners, I think the most important thing is stability, followed by lightness. Because the runners are often not quite correct in their stance, the situation of varus and valgus is more obvious. When the endurance falls, they will have more feet and no roots. It is prone to chronic injuries, and the unfamiliarity with the road may also appear. Feet and other accidents. So stability is very important and can protect runners. As for "lightness", we will not go into details. Everyone who understands light travel will understand. In addition, when choosing shoes, there are many people who are accustomed to rubbing the shoes back and forth to test whether it is soft. This is indeed a certain truth, but it is not complete. I suggest we must try on the foot! Because the sports shoes are divided into big bottom and midsole: the big bottom is the part that everyone sees, touches the ground, this part has some running shoes for stability, or correcting the inner valgus, it will be harder to design. The midsole is often hidden (outside view), located on the big bottom, under the insole. A good midsole can be designed to fit the foot shape and cushioning. So, really try on the foot to know whether the shoe is "hard" or "soft." (www.emaor.com sells professional running shoes)

1.2 socks runners recommend thicker socks to choose, perspiration can be.

1.3 Clothes Pants Now basically every sports brand has clothes and trousers with moisture wicking technology, which can be selected according to your preferences. In fact, in fact, apart from the names of different technologies, the major brands are actually different. almost the same. Lz is a girl, must wear sports underwear! Protects privacy and prevents skin from wear caused by continuous tremors.

1.4 compression clothing / pants compression clothing is more professional, but also more expensive. It is difficult to experience the effect when the initial running distance is not long. In the back 10KM or more, you can wear it. (www.emaor.com sells professional running sportswear and sports equipment)

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2. Warm-up running is a full-body exercise, where everything from top to bottom is open. Followed by: chest expansion, vibration arm, body side, body rotation, pressure leg, ankle joints, especially the lower body, must be active.

3. Stretching after stretching is mainly to prevent the accumulation of lactic acid, relieve muscle soreness the next day, but also to prevent everyone from running rough legs. The areas of stretching were mainly the anterior thigh, the medial/lateral, the posterior, and the posterior calf.

4. This section of running knowledge is rather complicated. I will try to complete it as soon as possible. Let me start with some suggestions for junior runners.

4.1 Time> Distance> Speed Runners should not pursue speed and distance. It is time that matters. Everyone knows that the minimum time for aerobic exercise is 30 minutes, so it is recommended to continue to run for more than 30 minutes as the first stage goal. When you start running, you need to train step by step. When you can't run down, you can switch to brisk walking, walk for a while, and then run for a while, but still said before, 30 minutes principle.

4.2 Running Amount Running 3 times in 1 week is a more appropriate amount of exercise, but be sure to stick with it, otherwise, if you take a break, your physical strength and endurance will drop quickly.

4.3 Heart Rate A measure of the speed of heart rate is a very direct way to see if you can maintain a normal speaking speed, or can you sing. When you snoring and breathing, you must lower your speed. This means that your heart rate has put you into anaerobic training and cannot support you for long-distance exercise. On the other hand, if you can speak normally, it means that your heart rate is normal, you can maintain this speed ~ Of course, it is not recommended that everyone chat when running.


4.4 Running position If you are a varus runner, slowly correct your own position. Because if it is particularly severe, the calf bones will rotate during running, causing the calf bones to be painful when running for a long time. Followed by the ground, or in the middle of the ground, the land of the forefoot, I think it is normal, because everyone's habits and the speed of running will be different, you can feel good. When running, the upper body must be steady and straight back. Remember not to shake, that the core muscles are weak. We will find some runners in the second half, some runners can also run forward, but the upper body has been scattered, which is the core of the relatively poor power. The swing arm is also the driving force for advancement. Do not ignore this point.

4.5 When the center of gravity runs, the center of gravity moves slightly forward, allowing your center of gravity to move forward with your legs. If the center of gravity is very tired.