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How to match shoes with long skirts

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How to match shoes with long skirts

No girl doesn't love beauty, and a girl who loves beauty naturally has a beautiful long skirt. It can even be said that she can deal with all kinds of beautiful skirts almost all of a year. The material of skirts in different seasons is naturally different, and naturally it will be different.

Method / step


The long-sleeved dress with comfortable texture and colorful color has the feeling of splicing the wind and the beauty of color transition. With the stiletto sandals of the same color, the whole looks slim and natural.


The beautiful gradient flower is decorated with little to many decorations on a beautiful long skirt, giving the peacock a feeling of opening the screen. It is very beautiful, and a sandal with a wedge should be a good choice.


In the current fashion of leopard style, it is better to carry the leopard pattern to the end, not only to wear a generous leopard-print skirt, but also the shoes, so that the overall feeling is very strong, give people A unified beauty.


A bold and stylish pairing for girls who are sexy, sexy and unique, the black skirt with polka-dot cuffs and black stockings and red high heels give a bold and hot feeling.


In other words, the appropriate clothing combination in principle requires no more than 3 colors, otherwise it will give people a more fancy and tired feeling, then this match is naturally in line with this aesthetic rule, black dress with black shoes and short paragraph The jacket is stylish and generous.


A pleated skirt with a good texture gives a lively and sweet feeling. With black high boots, it adds a bit of fashion, whether it is with a shorts down jacket or a personalized sweater.


The chiffon skirt is sought after and loved by many girls because it is comfortable and stylish to wear. With this blue thin strap wedge sandals, there is a sense of freshness that the sea breeze blows.


Every girl should have a long white dress that can dress you up as a beautiful princess in his heart. In order to match this beautiful sister with a princess dream, it is natural to have cute and sweet shoes. Color is a good choice, it is very beautiful and fashionable from any angle.