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How to distinguish the quality of clothes is good and bad

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How to distinguish the quality of clothes is good and bad?

Two conditions: fabric and workmanship.

(1) From the fabric, wool, silk, and cotton are of course better than chemical fiber, acrylic, and polyester. Now there are some high-tech new fabrics that are on the market, what are far infrared, nano silver, bamboo charcoal, etc. Wait

(2) From the workmanship, you can see how the inner lining (or liner) fabric, the car line is even, the code edge is clean (many quality clothes are covered with edging), the zipper chain work is fine The surface of the button is smooth. If the clothes are attached to the drill, the drill is evenly shiny. In short, the more detailed the place, the more the work of this dress can be highlighted.

(3) Another important factor affecting the value of the clothes itself is the brand. Good brands pay more attention to the quality of clothes.

(4) If you talk about choosing clothes, the main purpose is that the best clothes for you are the best clothes. So don't be too superstitious about "brands."

Clothes should wear their own temperament, taste and personality, and be able to show their strengths when they are best.

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Extended data:

Apparel quality refers to the intrinsic quality and appearance of the garment, such as the size of the garment, the composition of the fabric and accessories, the color and color difference of the garment, the quality of the style and processing, and the safety, hygiene, environmental protection and inspection standards of the loaded materials. Wait.

The quality of clothing refers not only to the quality of clothing, but to the whole process from product design to consumption to reflect its quality. It includes four major connotations:

1 artistic connotation. It means that the design of the garment meets the requirements of artistic aesthetics, reflects fashion and fashion, and has cultural taste and entrepreneurial spirit.

2 technical connotation. It means that the clothing products have the function of satisfying the dynamic and static requirements of the human body. The performance of the materials and accessories meets the quality standards and the production process is reasonable.

3 time content connotation. Refers to the appeal of the fashion, the popular life, and the guarantee of the season.

4 service connotation. Refers to the convenience conditions for carrying, gifting, wearing, washing, keeping, etc.

Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia - Clothing Quality

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1, check the seam

When you are wearing clothes, there is always a place where the poor quality clothes are off the line. The needle thread at the seam of a generally good quality garment is very tight and strong. Gently pull the seam, if the opening is large, the quality of the clothes is not good.

2, look at the quality level of clothing

General clothes will be divided into three grades, qualified products, first-class products and superior products. The higher the grade, the higher the color fastness and the better the quality of the clothes. However, the requirements for first-class products and superior products are very high and are rarely available in the market. Therefore, Yue brother suggested that the clothing should be at least qualified.

3, see the security category

According to the "National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications", clothing can be divided into three security levels: A, B, and C. Infants and young children under the age of 2 shall meet the technical requirements of Class A products; garments that are in direct contact with the skin shall meet the technical requirements of Class B products; those that are not in direct contact with the skin shall meet the technical requirements of Class C products. Therefore, underwear such as underwear, as well as infant products are marked with Class C, it is recommended not to buy.

4, observe the zipper, button opening

Note the material of the zipper. The metal zipper will be more durable, and the plastic zipper will often break. Generally, cheap clothes will use a plastic zipper. Also pay attention to the height of the zipper, the quality of the clothes on both sides of the zipper is relatively better.

The opening at the button is also a large observation point, and the stitching at the button should be tight, rather than being cut at will. This is mainly because some factories often overlook the details in order to make more clothes, and the quality of the clothes that come out of work will be worse.

A very simple piece of ripped jeans, carefully look at the buttons of the jeans, you can find that the buttons have been carefully stitched. Printed silk scarves add a touch of exoticism to the jeans.

5, pull or hold the clothes

Try to hold the clothes tightly and then loosen it after a few seconds. If the fabric becomes crumpled, it means that the dress is not durable. Most of the good quality clothes can maintain the original outline, and can also pull the elastic place. If it is released, it will be of poor quality.

1. First of all, the quality of the clothing is mainly the fabric and workmanship, as well as the quality of the brand after the long-term quality clothing is recognized, it is difficult to use chemical knowledge to answer. 2, common fabrics mainly include: natural fiber (cotton, wool, silk, hemp, leather), chemical fiber (six rayon and viscose fiber), natural and chemical fiber blended fabrics, mainly used in the identification: a, based on experience Hand feeling method b, combustion method (the two methods mainly identify the authenticity and various types of fiber content) c, look at the textile method of the fabric (structural method), but also depends on the color fastness and weakness, whether or not there is a need to have The basic knowledge of the profession can identify the quality of the fabric. 3, workmanship: to identify the quality of clothing, it is best to follow the process of each garment inspection, first look at the shape (styling or plate type), then look at the fabric, lining with appropriate and shrinking rate consistent (lining The shrinkage rate is large, but the ironing should leave the remaining part), the sewing stitches are neat and equidistant, and most of the needles and needles should be returned.) The sewing thread thickness, line type, quality and compatibility with the clothing (especially the bright line) ), ironing temperature, technology is in place (technical is not available, clothing will be deformed). 4, the whole set of clothing is comfortable to fit, the main part (conspicuous) is flat and wide, wrinkles should be even, and the lining should be even. On the contrary, the quality of clothing is not good. These are just basic requirements. 1, cotton

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Pure cotton has good air permeability, strong hygroscopicity and comfortable wearing, but it has a prominent shortcoming - it is easy to wrinkle and deform after being washed and worn. But 60% cotton + 40% polyester will not be easy to wrinkle and deform.

Polyester cotton is usually blended with 35% cotton and 65% polyester. Polyester/cotton cloth is commonly known as “the good one”. It not only maintains the high strength and elastic recovery of polyester fiber, but also has the characteristics of strong hygroscopicity of cotton fiber. It is easy to dye and dry after washing.

2, chiffon

The name of "Chiffon" is "Georgette"-----Georgette, also known as Qiaoqi, is a kind of silk fabric made of strong warp and weft. The texture of georgette is light and transparent, and the hand feels soft and elastic. The appearance is light and elegant, with good breathability and drape, and it is elegant and comfortable to wear.

3, polyester

The biggest characteristic of polyester is that its elasticity is stronger than any fiber; its strength and wear resistance are better, and the fabric it weaves is not only 3 to 4 times higher than other fibers, but also stiff and not easily deformed. The shortcoming is that the hygroscopicity is extremely poor, and the fabric it is woven on is boring and airtight. In addition, due to the smooth surface of the fiber, the cohesive force between the fibers is poor, and the friction is often easy to fluff and form a ball.

4, cotton

The biggest feature of nylon is its high strength and good wear resistance. Its strength and wear resistance rank first among all fibers.

The disadvantages of nylon are the same as that of polyester, which is poor in hygroscopicity and permeability. In a dry environment, nylon is prone to static electricity, and short-fiber fabrics are also prone to pilling and pilling. In addition, the shape retention of nylon is poor, and the clothes made of it are not as crisp as polyester and are easily deformed. But it can be attached to the body and is a good material for making all kinds of body shirts.

5, acrylic

Acrylic is white, curly, fluffy, soft to the touch, resembles wool, and is often used in blends with wool or as a substitute for wool, so it is also known as "synthetic wool."

Acrylic fiber is not hygroscopic enough, but its wettability is better than wool and silk fiber. Its abrasion resistance is poor in synthetic fibers, and the ironing temperature of acrylic fibers is below 130 °C.

6, Wei Lun

Vinyl is white as snow and soft like cotton, so it is often used as a substitute for natural cotton. It is called "synthetic cotton". The hygroscopic properties of vinylon are the best in hygroscopic properties of synthetic fibers. In addition, vinylon has good abrasion resistance, light resistance and corrosion resistance.

7, polyvinyl chloride

Polyurethane has many advantages and strong chemical resistance; thermal conductivity is worse than wool, so it has strong heat preservation; in addition, it has a prominent advantage that underwear woven with it can treat rheumatoid arthritis. Or other pain, and no irritation or damage to the skin. The disadvantages of the chlorinated fiber are also outstanding, that is, the heat resistance is extremely poor.

8, linen

Flax has the characteristics of strong pulling force, softness, good fineness, weak electrical conductivity, fast water absorption and water absorption, and large expansion ratio.

9, silk

Silk has the function of absorbing light, it looks smooth and not mirrory, the gloss is soft and elegant, the pearl is bright, the hand feels soft and elegant, the silk thread is dense, the wrinkles are caught by hand, the higher the purity, the higher the silk feel is, the better. Although the silk fabric is de-hardened, the hand feels softer, but the silk surface is dark and has no pearl luster; the chemical fiber fabric is bright and glaring, and the hand feels stiff. In addition, the silk product should have a slight feeling of scratching the hand. Rubbing the two layers of fabric will produce a "silk" sound, while the fabric of other raw materials does not.

The silk shrinkage rate is high, and it is advisable to purchase the finished product to choose a larger size than the actual demand. If you choose the high-grade goods in silk, it is best to take the dry cleaning.

The silk is soft and soft, soft and soft, with delicate texture and mutual ambiguity. It can make a special sound, commonly known as 'silk' or '绢鸣'. It is released by hand and wrinkles, wrinkles are less and not obvious, silk of silk is dry. The wet stretch is consistent.

10, mercerized cotton

Advantages of mercerized cotton fabric: bright fabric color, long-term washing does not change color; fabric has the general luster of silk fabric; fabric size is relatively stable, hanging feeling is good; fabric is crisp, anti-wrinkle performance is good, not easy to pilling. 1, look at the fabric material

Whether the fabric is flawless, whether the hand feels comfortable or not, is consistent with the ingredients.

2, look at the work pins

Whether the seams of the clothes are neat and tidy, whether there is any skew, whether the stitches of the main standard washing standard components are neat, and there is a wireless head.

3, look at the clothes version

A good dress, a well-known brand of clothes, the version of the clothes is crucial, try to wear clothes, whether the whole body is symmetrical, whether there is any sense of disharmony.