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How to clean and deodorize sneakers running shoes

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How to clean and deodorize sneakers running shoes

1. Hand wash sneakers. Brush the sneakers from inside to outside with a shoe brush and soapy water, then rinse the foam. Wrap the shoes with a dry towel to absorb moisture, and then blow the shoes dry with a hair dryer.

Be careful when brushing your shoes. Don't brush your upper. Add bleach if necessary. Bleach can damage the shoes and make the shoes fade, so use them with caution.

2. Spread the baking soda evenly in the sneakers. Leave it for one night and wake up in the morning and you will find that the smell in the shoes is gone.

3. Use a special deodorant spray or perfume for shoes. Spray some perfume in the shoes to cover up the smell. If you can buy a special deodorant spray for shoes, the deodorant spray can remove the taste, and the perfume can only cover up the smell.

4, you can use the foot odor spray. Large supermarkets can usually buy them, and you can buy them online if you are in trouble. It is cheap and effective.

5. Soak the sports shoes and insole with vinegar solution. Add the right amount of vinegar to the water and put the sneakers and insole into it for 1 hour. You can put some heavy objects in the shoes to prevent the shoes from floating up. Remove and dry after an hour. When you dry your shoes, put some paper towels or newspapers inside to help shape your shoes.

6, use tea bags to deodorize. If you usually use tea bags for tea, don't throw away the tea bags after soaking! Wash with running water and dry. Put a few dry tea bags in the innermost part of the shoes and leave them for at least one night to ensure that the odor in the shoes can be removed. Tea is a very good dehumidifier that absorbs moisture while taking away odors.

7. Wash the shoes with a washing machine. Cheap shoes or shoes that are already old enough to be thrown away can be washed in a washing machine. Putting a few towels in the washing machine can reduce internal collisions. Add some phosphorus-free powerful detergent to the laundry detergent for better cleaning and sterilization. After washing, it is naturally air-dried or dried at low temperature.

8. Mix isopropyl alcohol with water in a ratio of 1:1 and spray on the shoes. The shoes are placed to dry overnight. The next morning, the fungus and the bacteria that caused the odor in the shoes were killed and the taste was gone.

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Extended data:

Sneakers wearing notes:

1. Wear sneakers with clean and breathable socks. Do not wear sneakers barefoot.

2, develop a good habit of washing your feet before and after exercise.

3, at least have two pairs of sneakers, rotate to wear, give another pair enough ventilation time.

4. Regular use of athlete's foot powder or spray.

Sports shoes cleaning and deodorizing method

1, white vinegar soaking method

Because white vinegar is bactericidal, and the smell of shoes is generally due to fungal infections. Use this method to add white vinegar when cleaning sports shoes and then rinse and dry. If it is mesh or cotton, you can sunbathe properly. If other shoes are used, put them in a well-ventilated place. Good to deodorize.

2, charcoal adsorption method

Charcoal is very strong in adsorption. Putting charcoal into the shoes can not only absorb the moisture in the shoes, but also absorb the smell inside the shoes. If there is no charcoal in the house, you can buy some activated carbon, and the deodorizing ability of the activated carbon is strengthened. .

3, lemon slice refreshing method

The lemon slices are placed in the shoes, or the orange peel is placed in the shoes. After a night, the smell of the shoes can be basically removed, and there will be some fragrance.

4, alcohol deodorization method

Use alcohol to remove the smell of shoes. Use ordinary medicinal alcohol, pour some and then dilute with water. Then use a small tool with a spout to spray the insole and the inside of the shoe. You can also soak it with paper and then drip it inside.

5, tea deodorization method

Use tea leaves to remove shoe odor. It is said that the effect of removing the shoe odor with Tieguanyin is very good. The tea is wrapped in gauze into a small group and then stuffed into the shoes. After a while, the smell of the shoes disappears, or you can try to use the tea bag directly.

6, soda powder deodorization method

Use soda powder to remove the smell of shoes, directly put the appropriate amount of soda powder in the shoes, because the soda powder absorbs water faster, so it can absorb the sweat in the shoes faster, to achieve the purpose of deodorization.

7, talcum powder and salt deodorization

Use household talcum powder and salt, sprinkle them in the shoes, absorb the sweat and achieve the deodorizing effect.

Extended data:

Sneakers wearing drawbacks

1. Sneakers and sneakers have flat soles, large plasticity, and flexibility. They play a buffering role for young people to run and jump. Therefore, many teenagers like to wear them, but there are many ills in long-term wear.

2, the materials used in travel shoes, mostly rubber, plastic, sponge, nylon, canvas, etc., poor ventilation. Sweat feet for a long time in this "closed" environment, easy to cause fungal reproduction and spread, skin diseases such as ankle, dermatitis, eczema.

3, sports shoes or sneakers is a kind of flat shoes. It does not guarantee that the average weight of the person is distributed on the soles of the feet, and the muscles, ligaments, bones and spine of the body cannot be maintained in a normal position and working state. When adolescents put on sneakers or sneakers, the body's gravity changes, and the force of the feet is unevenly distributed, which affects the footwork.

Reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia - sports shoes

How to deodorize sneakers:

1. Use cotton and alcohol treatment at night. Before going to sleep every night, use a cotton cloth to rub a little alcohol, evenly wipe it in the shoes that have just been taken off, and wear it after the next morning. It is to use cotton and alcohol in the sneakers, using the volatility of alcohol, taking away the odor in the sports shoes, so after two weeks, the shoes will not smell.

2, put a few health balls into powder, sprinkle in the clean shoes, and then put a piece of insole, so that it is not easy to smell the feet when wearing, the health ball powder in addition to the smell of sports shoes, this effect is very effective.

3, use the mothball to remove the smell of shoes, take a piece of slightly hard paper, wrap the camphor pill, find a tool to crush it, sprinkle the mothball powder evenly on the shoe, put the insole on it, a pair of shoes as long as about one Mothballs are fine. In this way, the shoes can be kept dry, the smell of the shoes will disappear, and the effect is wonderful.

4, work hard on socks, choose a pair of 100% cotton socks, the strong sweat absorption of cotton socks can also make your sports shoes not stinky, of course, every day you have to remember to change socks, and clean.

5, you can go to the western pharmacy to buy alum powder, pour some alum powder into the shoes, can also achieve the effect of deodorization.

6. Using charcoal extraction technology, dry the remaining charcoal and put it in the shoe for ten to fifteen minutes, then wipe the inside clean and ventilate in a cool place. It can also solve such problems as sneakers.

7, the preservatives inside the snacks (a lot of puffed food and dried fruit packaging inside, a small white bag, written on it) directly in the shoes, it absorbs the smell inside the shoes. Note: It is a one-time use. For example, take off your shoes and put it inside. Throw it away when you wear your shoes the next morning.

8. Put the quicklime powder into a small cloth bag every night before going to sleep, put it into the shoes to absorb moisture. The lime bag can also kill the bacteria inside the shoe, and can play a certain role in removing the smell of the shoe, and can be used repeatedly.

9. Wrap some dry tea leaves with gauze and stuff the shoes into the shoes. It has the functions of clean, disinfection and volatile smell. Drink the leftover tea, dry it, put it in a sand cloth (or stockings that are not worn), put it in the shoes, and also have a deodorizing effect. 1. Occasionally sprinkle salt in canvas shoes, can absorb sweat and deodorize.

2. Inside the shoe is a confined space that is easily wet due to sweat. If you wear the same shoes for several days,

These shoes can't be kept dry, and it is easy to cause bacteria to multiply and eventually lead to odor. In order to prevent this from happening, back

After the home, put the shoes in a ventilated place, or use a hair dryer to thoroughly dry the shoes. If there is really no time, you can use the door to remove them.

The deodorant of the shoe smell is sprayed inside the shoe.

3. Drop the geranium oil directly into the shoes, or put a cotton ball with lemon essential oil to remove the odor inside the shoes. (often wearing shoes

Or the feet of sports shoes, a few drops of tea with warm water of tea oil, deodorant and sterilization. ) Applying the standard cleaning of 2004


Artificial leather surface:

The cleaning of the artificial leather surface is relatively simple. Just wipe the leather surface with a damp cloth and wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not use the maintenance oil of the shoes for a long time to wipe the upper, which will cause small cracks in the upper leather.

Frosted leather surface (anti-fur surface):

The upper of this material is also relatively simple to clean. Only need a clean and dry small toothbrush to brush in one direction on the leather surface. To ensure the life of the shoes, please avoid water and oil when you are wearing it. The quality thing touches the upper.

Patent leather upper:

This kind of leather cleaning is the easiest. With this special type of shoe that does not absorb water, we can find a damp cloth and wipe it with a dry cloth.

Special fabric leather surface:

The cleaning method of this material is to clean the dirty surface of the upper with a small toothbrush and detergent water, then clean it with a small toothbrush and wipe it with a dry cloth. Remind everyone to pay attention: Do not use the brush and water to directly brush the upper, try to avoid using shoe polish to maintain the upper, which will reduce the life of the shoe itself.


Should first ensure that the inside of the shoes is dry, you can find some paper as a filler to the inside of the shoes, the leather surface of the shoe to stretch to smooth, but do not stuff too much paper, then find a small bag of preservatives in the shoes At the mouth, the shoe cover is wrapped with a special shoe film, and the shoe film and the body are blown to a smooth and close position with a hair dryer at a distance of 5-10 cm from the body. Remind everyone that the air in the shoe membrane and the air inside the shoe body must be blown away to ensure the sealing of the shoe. Finally, place the shoes in a ventilated and dry place, taking care to avoid strong light.

First, when the shoes are worn dirty, you can use a clean water to wash the detergent gently, then rinse with clean water, place the ventilation and cool to dry, avoid direct sunlight and exposure. Do not use heat or open flame to avoid aging, opening, fading and severe deformation. Excessive direct sunlight, and the heat of the hair dryer and other improper care methods will reduce the service life of the shoes; when washing, can not be soaked for a long time, the general soaking time should not exceed 20 minutes. Leather shoes should not be soaked in water;

Second, if stored for a long time, the shoes should be cleaned first, and then stored in a cool and ventilated place, so that the shoes have sufficient time to dry, so as to avoid mildew. Leather shoes are best to hold the paper in the shoe or shoe support to avoid serious deformation. Put the toe down the sole to the wall and dry it at a normal temperature to prevent the water from immersing in the midsole foaming material. (Because the foaming material is not easy to dry, it is recommended not to lay the wet shoes flat.)

Third, do not use a hard brush or excessive force during the process of wearing or brushing, and can not use the nails or sharps to lick the corners of these printed patterns. After wearing for a period of time, some patterns may have some small cracks on the surface (especially the often tortuous parts), which is normal;

Fourth, every day training athletes or regular sports enthusiasts, it is best to prepare more than two pairs of sports shoes, in order to replace; nylon mesh cloth and artificial suede on running shoes is relatively easy to maintain, can be washed with a sailor, it is best not to use washing machine or Soak in water; separate the shoes and laces with neutral soap/washing powder. Take out the insole while washing the shoes, gently scrub with a soft brush, and then rinse off;

5. In order to achieve a satisfactory wearing effect, please treat the shoes you wear fairly. Remember not to wear regular jogging shoes or walking shoes for strenuous sports such as football and basketball. At the same time, but any kind of sports shoes can not be in contact with sharp objects;

One: the leather surface of the shoe, wet with cotton cloth, wring out, wipe!

Two: the mesh surface, the mesh surface is mostly PV mesh surface, you can use the old toothbrush, stained with water, rubbed from the inside out! For example, the mesh surface is in front of the shoe, then the shoe should be oriented toward the toe of the shoe. Brush! This dirty stuff won't leave too much on the shoes!

All the wipes are finished, remember not to expose directly to the sun, which will make the white shoes yellow!

The correct way is: put the wiped shoes in a cool and ventilated place in your home. If there is a little sunlight in the ventilated place, you can use the scented tissue paper, all wet and flat on the upper (that is Put all the shoes on), so that the white shoes will turn yellow!