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How to buy comfortable old man shoes for the elderly

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How to buy comfortable old man shoes for the elderly

When people enter old age, their legs and feet are not so flexible. At this time, choosing a pair of suitable shoes is very important for the elderly. How should the elderly choose the shoes that suit them? Let's follow the Xiaobian to understand.

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It is a science to wear shoes for the elderly. A small pair of shoes can affect the health of a person. After studying the characteristics of hundreds of thousands of elderly people's feet, Adhesive Old Men's shoes summed up what kind of shoes should be worn by older friends. It is hoped that the following knowledge can help elderly friends to solve the pain of wearing shoes and feet and feet and feet.

Shoes suitable for the elderly:

(1) Shoes that wear squid head shoes

The feet are widened, the arches are deformed, some of the insteps are bulged, arthritis occurs, and walking feet are worn. This is a problem that almost every old friend will encounter. If you pass through small shoes, you will get rid of your feet. Therefore, the old man wears shoes, should widen the front of the shoes, the back of the shoes is raised, the soles are widened, the walking will be very comfortable, and the feet will not be worn without wearing feet;

(2) Wear shoes with hooks


When you are old, not only your feet are degraded, your body is degraded, your legs and feet are inconvenient, your balance is reduced, and you are tired. With the gluing design, the old man can adjust the shoes to grasp the tightness of the shoes, easy to wear and wear, more comfortable to wear, and avoid being tripped by the shoelaces and walking safer.

(3) Wear shoes with ingot uppers

Osteoporosis, the ankles become brittle, making the elderly suffer. When you are old, you can not only walk weakly, but also wrestle and wrestle. The shoes of Yuanbao uppers can fit snugly on the ankles, walking and feet are not crappy.

(4) Shoes that can be worn by the insole


In the winter, some elderly people are cold in their hands and feet, and they are too thick to help. If the insole of the shoes can be massaged, when walking, it can promote the blood circulation of the soles of the feet, and the more relaxed, the warmer.

(5) Shoes that can be worn with soles

Turning over 50 years old, the bone elasticity of middle-aged and elderly people is reduced, and the body can't cushion the impact of hard road on the feet. The shock-absorbing sole of the shoe can help the elderly to reduce the pressure on the feet, walk the road, step on the comfort, not tired feet, not hurt the feet.

How to buy old shoes

The old man should follow the principle of “wide front of the shoe, toughness in the shoe and hard in the heel”.

That is, at least one centimeter should be left in front of the toes, and enough space should be reserved for the toes to move; the middle part of the shoes is moderately tough, and it is not easy to rub the feet. When the shoes are picked, the hands can be twisted and observed, and the twists can be twisted or twisted into a "twist" shape. No; the fat pad of the old man's heel is thinner and the buffering capacity is weak. If you don't pay attention to stepping on the pebbles, the heel is very easy to be painful. The chance of developing plantar fasciitis will also become higher, so the heel must have a certain hardness and at least 2-3 cm high, it helps to disperse the pressure on the soles of the feet. In addition, the elderly should penetrate the shoes with good gas, such as sports shoes, try to avoid plastic and other materials; it is best to use the glue, buckles, etc., because the laces are not only easy to loosen, but also increase the elderly to be tripped. risk.

There are flaws in the shoes.

The old man's feet are most afraid of squeezing, and it doesn't matter if the shoes are slightly loose. In the evening, when the feet are the most puffy in the day, it is the best time to try on the shoes; most of the old people have different feet and feet, so both feet should be tried on; the old feet are not wearable, so the shoes must be worn right now. Comfortable, try to wear at least ten minutes, walk around and make a decision; when standing, flip your feet to the left and right sides to test the stability of the shoes. If the feet are easy to turn over, it is recommended not to buy them; When you kneel, the shoes are easy to fit, so you should check the feeling when you are under the arm. You can lift your toes or heels forward or backward to see if the shoes can completely wrap your feet.

What shoes are worn by the elderly?


As you get older, your physical strength is slowly declining. If you walk for a long time, you will feel very tired. Especially when the shoes are not fit, this situation will be more serious; Osteoporosis is also more serious, so if you wear shoes and do not fit your feet, you may cause fractures. Therefore, when choosing shoes, middle and old people must choose shoes that fit well. A little, it will be more comfortable, and it is best not to wear shoes with too high heels, low heel, thick heel shoes is a better choice.

It is recommended to choose shoes with a heel height of 1.5-2 cm, which can limit excessive directional rotation, enhance stability, and help maintain the arch of the elderly. It is more advantageous for the elderly to stand and walk. Moreover, raising the heel has a very significant effect on reducing foot pain.

The first problem with a suitable cloth is to follow your feet. Cloth shoes generally cross the loose, so the size can not be too large when buying; secondly, the shoe mouth can not be too tight, the common "old head shoes" shoe mouth is very tight, may hinder blood circulation.


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