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How long can a pair of sneakers wear? More than a few pairs of wear

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How long can a pair of sneakers wear? More than a few pairs of wear

Nowadays, many big brands of sports shoes are very expensive, so when you buy them, you want to be able to wear them for a long time, otherwise it is not worthwhile. Let's talk about how long a pair of sneakers can wear for the following 5th series?

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Shoes are very important for people who need to travel every day. Most people can understand that shoes can't be worn for too long, but how long a pair of shoes can be worn can't be said. The true judgment of the life of a pair of shoes depends on the hardness of the midsole. Looking at it is the basic means of studying whether a pair of shoes is aging. If you look at the midsole material under the microscope, you will see hundreds of tiny bubbles that look like sponges. When the foot hits the material, when it is squeezed, the tiny bubbles shrink, just like a sponge reaction. This achieves the shock absorption and cushioning effect of the shoe.

There are many reasons for the aging and damage of running shoes. For example, the greater the weight of the runner, the greater the pressure on the shoes, which will bring more wear and tear to the shoes. If you wear a pair of shoes and lack of rotation, the small bubbles in the EVA midsole will lose the original structure because you don't get enough recovery time; or some people have heavy running and landing impact, some people like to drag, such running habits Not only is it easy to cause knee and bone injuries, but it also causes the material at the bottom of the shoe to wear more quickly.

1. In order to make the appearance of sports shoes more beautiful, we use some printing or hot cutting technology of reflective materials. Please do not use a hard brush or excessive force during the process of wearing or rinsing, and you should not use nails or sharps to lick the corners of these printed pictures. In the future, some drawings may have some small cracks (especially those that are often bent), which are normal appearances;

2, in order to enable you to reach a satisfactory wear, please treat your shoes fairly. Remember not to wear regular running shoes or walking shoes for strenuous sports such as football. In order to give full play to your various sports expertise, our company has designed and produced a variety of special sports shoes for you to choose according to the characteristics of various professional sports, but any kind of sports shoes can not be in contact with sharp weapons.

3. When the sports shoes are worn dirty, they can be scrubbed with water and detergent, then rinsed with water, placed in a cool, ventilated air, and protected from direct sunlight. At the same time, it is not suitable for long-term wear in high temperature environments. Generally wear or wash temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees Celsius. Do not use heating or open flame to avoid aging, opening, fading and severe deformation. Excessive direct sunlight, the hot air of the hair dryer and improper care methods will reduce the service life of the shoes; the long-term soaking can not be done during the washing, usually the soaking time must not exceed 20 minutes.

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(1) Do not press the instep, the shoelace does not stretch the instep, the toe can feel the elasticity of the upper; the space in front of the shoe has 0.5 to 1 cm, the toe cannot be squeezed together, the big toe is in proper contact with the shoe; the heel has o.5 The remaining amount of centimeters, the heel of the shoe has the elastic force to slow down the impact, the heel of the heel is facing the heel; the arch of the shoe corresponds to the sole of the foot; the outer shin is not the upper.

(2) The sole has a large contact surface with the ground, and the sole is relatively thick; the whole shoe is made of lightweight material.

(3) Know your own foot shape. Flat foot because the arch height is not enough, it is easy to focus on the unstable, it is best to add the arch pad when exercising, the foot is not easy to acid; the high arch of the sole of the foot is small, requiring a softer insole to evenly distribute the pressure. If you have a tendency to have an internal or eight-character or an ankle, you may first ask an orthopaedic surgeon to recommend a shoe that enhances the local correction function.

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1. Some anti-fungal agents may cause skin irritation to a small number of people, so it is recommended to wear masks and rubber gloves for safe operation when turning over the box.

2, when the shoes are worn dirty, can be gently scrubbed with water, detergent, and then rinsed with water, placed in a cool, ventilated air, to avoid direct sunlight. (Can not be soaked for a long time during washing, the general soaking time should not exceed 20 minutes. Leather shoes can not be soaked with water)

3, should not use heating or open flame drying, so as not to cause aging, open glue, fading and severe deformation.

4. If stored for a long time, the shoes should be cleaned first, and then stored in a cool and ventilated place, so that the shoes have sufficient time to dry, so as to avoid mildew.

5. Separate the shoes and laces with neutral soap/powder. Remove the insole while washing the shoes, gently scrub with a soft brush, and then rinse off.