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How do you know the price of clothes when you look at clothes

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How do you know the price of clothes when you look at clothes

I am a fashion design teacher, and I also write articles about shopping experience in the column. At the same time, there is a clothing store and a coffee shop. I contact the industry every day. In fact, I am very responsible. Basically, in this place where the e-commerce directly releases Super A, you It is difficult to judge without opening the trademark.

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Of course, if you squat genuine piracy only talk about the price of regular clothes, you can still have a basic judgment, but it can not be absolute, I have a good idea, I try to calculate by 100 points.

1, the style accounts for 20 points of the price. No matter the best brand, no matter how good the quality 10 years ago, it is difficult to have a good price. Take a second-line analogy. Zhuoya, the star likes the brand of the old shirt, although it is divided into 5 or 6 series, (emaor, Zhuoya, Zhuoya weekend, Enmanlin, etc.) The new coat is tens of thousands, but after one year of folding, the price of the style before 2009 is basically less than 1%. Also pay attention to the clothing is basically twenty years. Reincarnation, the popular silhouette jacket of the 1990s began to look at the picture after 2010. The style changes every year, but the change in 5 years is quantitative. If you visit the physical store, don’t talk about the international brand temporarily, you only use When you look at the mall without discounts, which family members are there, then which ones will basically represent the new style. (emaor, aunts are more expensive, dazzle is okay, there are many people, and there are many cheap people, Masfield) If you go to e-commerce, you only have to write a name, such as a jacket, a row of sales, popular The style is probably out on the first three pages. The style is good and the price goes up a lot.

2, fabrics account for 30 points of the price, remember that pure natural fabrics are expensive! But the processing of natural fabrics is more expensive! Cotton, hemp, silk, wool, cashmere, down, goose down, etc., these seem to contain gold, the higher the more expensive, some people say that cotton is cheap, then okay, burberry classic windbreaker, cotton, 2014 did not see 7000 of. Of course, this is relative. It is for chemical fiber. (Except for Modal, etc.) It must be mentioned that cashmere sweaters and goose down jackets are basically not directly evaluated. It is directly a valuable standard. For example, cashmere we take The goods are never less than 300, the goose down suit is not less than 500, the normal sales price is the concept of turning over. A little more detailed, these natural fabrics also have the difference, generally 300 cashmere is more expensive than 200, silk has 2000 kinds of weave, not to mention. But there are only 20 kinds of seeds on the market. If you look at it more, you can know if it is silk by the degree of reflection. Natural fabrics are less and less limited, so it is normal for the price to be more expensive.

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3, the color accounts for 20 points of the price, the most important thing is that one person is the color, and the second is the other, so now people buy clothes and pay attention to the color, let go of the popular colors naturally sell well, it is also the price. For example, in the winter 10 years ago, the darkness of the street is different now. Colorful, in 2014, young people like candy color, professionally said that there is a combination of unsaturated color and high-light color in color. For example, pink, pink and purple in my shop, just boldly put the price of the color is more expensive than the average clothes, but also sell.

4, the brand accounted for 30 points of the price, the big name will not say, generally go shopping to see the second floor of the first floor of the window, basically understand, and other big brands must have its characteristics in it, burberry main beige, and grid; Miumiu is so small and so on. Seeing these is basically at a high level. Some people say that big brands are expensive. In fact, no big name will use a rag to make their own signatures.

Oh, so much, in fact, every day I sell clothes, shopping is not necessarily all right, it’s probably a bar. www.emaor.com