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How do we protect against coronavirus infection

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How do we protect against coronavirus infection

In the past two months, in order to fight against the new crown virus, everyone has collectively housed their homes and lived down the power of the virus, and contributed to the efforts of the group.

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At present, the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation is generally improving. The spread of the local epidemic has been basically blocked, but there are still sporadic cases. At the same time, overseas epidemic situations are spreading rapidly. "External defense input, internal defense rebound" is the main strategy for current epidemic prevention and control. Disease control experts reminded that it is not the time to relax completely, these habits continue to be maintained, and prevention and control of epidemic situation is not a good move.

1. Reduce party gathering

With the improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, many dining places are gradually opening up for dine-in. Many people have already been unable to hold back the "food" heart, and they have invited a number of relatives and friends to enjoy gluttonous food. Disease control experts said that dinning should abide by the relevant regulations, minimize the number of people dining at the same table, cooperate with the store to maintain the distance between the tables, avoid loud noises during dining, and promote civilized dining.

2. Avoid going to crowded public places

Try to avoid going to crowded public places, keep a safe distance between people, do not get together, do not get busy.

3. Places where masks need to be worn must be worn

According to the "Notice on Printing and Distributing Guidelines for Wearing Masks by the Public" issued by the National Health and Health Commission of China: It is recommended not to wear masks when the general public is at home or outdoors, without people gathering and with good ventilation; Risk masks should carry spare masks with you and wear masks when in close contact with others (less than or equal to 1 meter).

Workers in crowded hospitals, bus stations, train stations, subway stations, airports, supermarkets, restaurants, public transportation, and community and unit import and export places are recommended to wear disposable medical masks in medium and low-risk areas Or medical surgical masks, wear medical surgical masks or protective masks that meet KN95 / N95 and above in high-risk areas.

4. Insist on hand washing habits

With the popularization of epidemic prevention and control knowledge, many people have developed a good habit of washing hands diligently and carefully. Disease control experts advised to maintain good hand washing habits, and wash hands before meals, after going to the toilet, and after touching public goods. Learn standard hand washing methods to protect yourself and your family's health.

5. Continue to cooperate with community epidemic prevention measures

Various anti-epidemic measures of the community have played a great role in the prevention and control of domestic epidemic situations in the previous stage. As the focus of prevention and control changes, the community still has to play an active role. Disease control experts pointed out that they should continue to cooperate with the community to do all kinds of prevention and control work. If there are people returning from abroad, they must notify the community in time and cooperate with the follow-up work.

6. Keep distance in parks and outdoor playgrounds

As temperatures rose and spring blossomed, many people began planning family trips on weekends and holidays. China CDC stated that the distance between people should still be maintained outdoors, and less crowded places. Remind children at home not to get together and play. Remember to wash your hands after playing outside.

7. Pay attention to personal protection and hygiene when resuming work and returning to school

With the resumption of work to resume work, many people have returned to work, and schools are gradually returning to school. Disease control experts reminded that when resuming work and returning to school, it is necessary to cooperate with body temperature measurement and health registration, wear masks, wash hands frequently in places where people are dense, and do sanitation and disinfection measures in places.

8. Promote meal sharing system

Develop a good habit of eating ingredients and avoid sharing tableware. It is recommended to eat alone or at the wrong time during the resumption of work and return to school to avoid having multiple people gather together for dinner.

9. Get medical treatment if you feel unwell

Always pay attention to the health status of yourself, your family and the people around you. If you experience any discomfort such as cough, fever, fatigue, chest tightness, and difficulty breathing, seek medical advice or seek medical advice in a timely manner. When you go to the doctor, tell the doctor about your recent activities, whether you have been to an area where the disease is endemic, whether you have contacted a suspected patient, and who you have contacted after you became ill.

10. Develop good habits

Open windows frequently in the living room, and often ventilate to maintain indoor air circulation and family hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose with your elbows when coughing or sneezing, and don't spit. Mouth and nose secretions are wrapped in paper towels and discarded in covered garbage cans;

11. Adhere to a healthy life

Always maintain a good attitude, pay attention to balanced nutrition, adhere to appropriate exercise, and maintain your own good resistance.