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Five giants, the 2018 World Cup champion will surely produce from them

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Five giants, the 2018 World Cup champion will surely produce from them

The 2018 World Cup in Russia is coming. In the 20 World Cups that have been held, only 8 national teams have won the championship. Due to Italy's halting in the qualifiers, England and Uruguay are limited by their strength. The teams that have won the championship are still five traditional giants. As many people think of Belgium, Croatia and even Portugal, they may be excellent spoilers, and even have the hope of becoming a top-five player, but that's it.

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1. France (The reason for the championship: the strongest genius library, the European Cup runner-up)

After defeating the championship favourites in the European Cup semi-final, most neutral fans think that France will win the cup in the home game finals. One can imagine that the Portuguese team has created one of the biggest upsets in the history of the European Cup. They have defeated the European champion of France by not being favored.

France needs to overcome the enormous pain caused by the defeat in the European Cup finals and focus on the next big competition. One thing is certain - the French team in 2018 will be more powerful than in the European Cup. The main problem in France is the tactical play of Duchamp. Many authorities criticized him for being too pragmatic. But if they win the World Cup next year, maybe pragmatism is not a bad thing.

The French team has a very good talent pool and it may be the best in the world. Their defenses include Sidibe, Varana, Umditi, and Mendi. In the midfield there are Kanter, Bogba and Rabbio. Attackers also include Ottoman Dembele and Greitzmann. , Lacazette, Mbappe and other players, perhaps the super newcomer Mbappe will be a blockbuster.

It is regrettable that due to personal problems between Benzema and Deschamps, the French team will no longer call this Real Madrid forward. The Kosherney Wounded World Cup is not a small blow to the defense.

In addition, the team still has one of the deadliest flaws. Once in adversity, there is no chance that Deschamps and Blanco’s lead brother can ascend.

2.Argentina (reason to win the championship: Wang's longing, experience in the final of the three-time competition)

The Argentine team had a difficult journey in the World Cup South America qualifier and they had even had the risk of being unable to travel to Russia. After Quito defeated Ecuador 3-1, Messi and his teammates finally finalized the tickets to Russia in the qualifying round, which encouraged the whole of Argentina.

Despite struggling in the qualifiers, Argentina has demonstrated their ability to cope with pressure in major events. In fact, they had reached the finals of the 2014 World Cup and then went to the finals twice in the America's Cup. Although the result was bitter, they lost in three finals (1 loss to Germany and 2 losses to Chile), but continuing to enter the major tournament finals is a manifestation of their strength. As for the issue of the back-to-back level that has often been criticized, in fact, since the new century, besides Brazil and Spain, there have been no big-name players to suppress the battle, whether it is the World Cup or Intercontinental competition, entering the finals or even winning the championship team's defense. Discipline focus is more important than fame talent.

In essence, what Argentina lacked in the past few years was only the ability to face pressure in the finals. In these three games, they only need to score a goal in the regular time is sufficient, it is enough to ensure the championship, but this has not happened.

Obviously, this team of San Baoli still has many problems such as defensive and organizational issues. However, the frontline problem is even more worrying. They have so many talented attackers but they have been unable to find the best combination of chemical reactions.

In any case, Messi will be motivated. He has firm confidence and tremendous desire to bring the trophy back to his country.

3. Spain (reason to win: All-Star lineup, super qualifier record)

In the past ten years, the Spanish national team is undoubtedly one of the protagonists of international football. Under the leadership of Louis Aragones, Spain won the 2008 European Championship, which is the beginning of the Spanish football revolution. After that, the Spanish team that Bosque took over continued their glorious past. They won the 2010 World Cup and the European Cup in 2012, standing at the pinnacle of the world.

However, the Confederations Cup held in Rio de Janeiro in 2013 was an alarming signal. In the final they lost 0-3 to the host Brazil. This shows that in the international arena, Spain has begun to decline from a dynasty.

In 2014, Spanish football ushered in a difficult period. In the World Cup group match, they were first humiliated by the Dutch team in the first match, and then lost 0-2 in the face of the Chileans. No one thought that the defending champions will be eliminated early in the group stage. The situation in the European Cup in 2016 was a bit better, but they only stopped at the top 16. Conti, led by Conte, gave them a master class tactical lesson in the case of paper that was not as strong as Spain.

Since Lope Terje took over the whip, the Spanish matadors seem to be slowly recovering. In the World Cup qualifiers, Spain topped the team with a record of 28 points (a full victory of 30 points). In the process, they also beat Italy 3-0. The second-time winner of the fourth World Cup team had to play the second round of the play-off and was eventually eliminated by the Swedish team.

Spain’s goalkeeper De Gea is considered to be one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Their defenses are Kavajar, Ramos, Pique and Alba. Their midfield may be the world's most talented players - Busquets, Iniesta, Tiago, Isco, Silva and so on. Such a strong team of players will undoubtedly show that they are one of the biggest favorites in winning the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

However, the unstable front line and the main lineup are older than the team's weakness. Morata played at the Stamford Bridge completely below the horizontal line in a year. Now the only team that can rely on is Costa, but the “beauty” is unpredictable temperament. It is a powder barrel that can be detonated at any time. It is also worrying that the ages of infield players such as Iniesta, Buxkers and Silva can persist in long matches.

2.Brazil (Reasons for winning the championship: South America qualifiers first, rich competition experience)

The Brazilian World Cup defeated the German team 1-7 at the 2014 World Cup. This was their worst loss in the history of the World Cup. Many people believe that the squadron, which has suffered heavy losses, will not be able to recover even in 2018. Those critics are obviously ridiculous. Tate, the coach of the Brazilian national team in 2016, proved this with practical actions.

Until the end of the 2014 World Cup, Tate had also suffered two major blows. The first time was the America's Cup in 2015. They were eliminated by the Paraguayan team in the quarter-finals, followed by the Copa America in 2016 and they went out in a group with a shameful approach. Brazilian football at the time seemed to be a mess and it seemed impossible to recover. However, the younger generation of Brazilian football still let the people see hope. They won the first gold medal in the Olympic Games for this great football nation.

Shortly afterwards, Titt led the Brazilian national team in a 3-0 victory over Ecuador in the plateau game. Since then, the Brazilian team's victory has come one after another. They have no doubt become the best team in the South American continent. In the World Cup qualifiers standings, they climbed from the previous 6th place to the top of the table and opened a 10-point distance with the Uruguay team behind them.

This Brazilian team is experienced. The big players they rely on, such as Alves, Marcelo and Neymar, have already proved themselves in the top events. At the same time, the Brazilian midfielder also seems to have reached the best level in recent years. Carsemiro, Coutinho and other stars star in Real Madrid and Barcelona, of course, Fernandinho, Jesús They are big players in the English Premier League.

The attacking line of the Brazilian team is as sharp as ever, and the lead line headed by Hotsus, Fermino and Neymar, etc., played outstandingly in key matches in the face of Argentina (3-0), Uruguay (4-1) and Chile. (3-0) fire fierce.

There is no doubt that Brazil is currently the best team in South America, but what will they do in the face of those best European defenses? This remains to be seen. Whether the team can really emerge from the shadow of 1-7, it is particularly important to overcome the psychological construction of self-doubt.

1.Germany (Reasons for champions: defending champions, champions)

After Lam and Klose's locker room squads were retired, many people said that the German national team would be on the decline. Especially after losing to the French team in the Euro 2016 semi-final, there are more people who hold this argument. Despite the fact that so many people see the decline, the reality is that - Germany is in its own best period in the world football. They are still world champions, and Love is still an ambitious head coach who wants to challenge himself every year.

In fact, Love did not let himself intoxicated in the 2014 victory, he decided to go out from his old tactics to continue. Now Loew will use more modern tactics, and the three-back formation is one of his new attempts. In general, Germany is now stronger in possession of the ball and more efficient in the opponent's half-time possession.

For most of the unskilled teams, facing the Germans and keeping up with their fast pace is simply a nightmare. In 2014, the German team appeared to be struggling with the withdrawal of deeper opponents such as the United States and Algeria. Compared with then, the German team now has more experience in this area.

For Love, the loss in France in 2016 is likely to be a disguise. In the 2017 Confederations Cup game, Loew's team has shown signs of improvement. Taking the match against Mexico as an example, Mexicans would have been likely to put a bus in the game and wait for an opportunity to counterattack, but Lough learned a lesson from a year ago and he deliberately gave up possession of the ball. The Mexican personnel who miscalculated in the end missed their wishes and was defeated by the Germans with a score of 4-1.

The tactical style of the German team may be one of the most flexible in the world. They will adjust their style of play according to various situations on the court. Relying on a young team consisting mainly of U23 players, they still defeated South American team representatives in the Confederations Cup final. After winning the Chilean team, they have won the championship trophy in the first Confederations Cup so far.