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Curry breaks three-pointer record in championship Thompson makes 20 points in reluctantly

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Curry breaks three-pointer record in championship Thompson makes 20 points in reluctantly

The Warriors who won the championship in the first game of the championship, today (4th) showed a powerful three-pointer in the 122nd to 122nd 103nd Cavaliers, including Stephen Curry's 9-point three-pointer rewrite of the single championship record. Klay Thompson, who suffered an ankle injury, also scored 20 points in nearly 34 minutes.

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Curry made 11 of 26 shots in 38 minutes. He scored 33 points on 9-of-17 shooting, added 7 rebounds and 8 assists. According to the statistics, his 9-point three-pointer surpassed 2010 Celtic star Ray. Allen's 8 three-pointer record for the Lakers' championship match 2.

Curry said after the game: "It is a very cool thing to know that this is the record held by who can surpass it."

Asked if this was the best championship performance in Curry's career, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr responded: "It's hard to recall all the games, but he's awesome, and the nine 3-pointers seem to each time It was incredible at the crucial moments we needed. His performance was incredible."

According to the information, Curry made 17 three-point shots and also refurbished the single championship record, with a previous record of 15 times.

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In addition to Curry, Thompson also made significant contributions, especially in the case of the ankle has not yet fully healed, he made 8 of 13 3-pointers, including 8 3-pointers, and scored 20 points.

After the game Thompson said: "It will hurt, but I did all the right treatment. I will continue to play on Thursday (7th). I hope there will be no pain at that time. But now is the time to test the willpower. You don't have time for yourself. Suffered."

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Teammate Draymond Green also said: "He was one of the toughest people I have ever worked with. When I saw him yesterday, I felt like "bad, he couldn't play."

The Warriors is currently 2 wins and 0 losses to an absolute advantage. The next two games will be held in Cleveland. Another negative for the Cavaliers may be coming soon because Kerr said before today that he may be a defensive player and Andre Iguodala may be in the series 1 The return of the field is optimistic.


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