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Can running shoes be used for walking?

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Can running shoes be used for walking?

Running shoes are divided into three types:

1, running shoes: for ordinary running enthusiasts prepared. Focus on protection, to avoid sports injuries. The general life is running for 1000 km. Features are heavy, well protected.

2, performance training shoes: for professional, semi-professional long-distance runners to prepare, track training dedicated. This kind of shoes focus on protection and light balance, on the one hand to avoid the training of athletes injured, on the other hand let athletes out of the results.

3, Marathon shoes: only for the Marathon prepared shoes, not suitable for daily jogging. It is light to almost no weight, poor protection performance, life is extremely short.

Should be based on their actual needs to choose running shoes, if only occasionally running, like wearing shoes running, school to work, you can choose the classic style with a better style, such as NIKE Cortez, Air Max, SuperNova, like long distance running light Quality running shoes, such as adiZero and Marathon series, easy to sweat footsteps should choose a well-ventilated running shoes, such as Adidas breeze series, NIKE Free series, or GORE-TEX (R) fabric series, easy feet or flat feet should choose a defense Rollover control system running shoes, such as LunarGlide series and so on.

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