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Best Casual Shoes For Mens in 2019

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Best Casual Shoes For Mens in 2019

Regardless of whether your idea of a casual shoe is a tennis shoe, a loafer or a boat shoe, there’s one thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word casual and that something you think about is, of course, comfort. That’s why we’ve decided to do a review of the best casual shoes for men. That way, every guy who reads it can find the shoe that’s right for them.

Of course, sifting through all of the sub-categories of casual shoes isn’t easy, especially when so many manufacturers are making these types of shoes. And that’s why we’ve also included a guide on what to look for when searching for one of these types of shoes.

Best Casual Shoes For Men – Reviews

10Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Reno Oxfords

Women's Casual Boots

Although most people think of leather when they think of Oxford shoes, these shoes provide that same style while being made from canvas. They have a synthetic sole and a lace-up vamp that makes them feel very much like wearing a sneaker. They also have a striped midsole that kind of gives them the vibe of a boat shoe. Their cushioned footbed cradles the feet as the wearer is wearing it and it makes these shoes comfortable enough to wear anywhere. All of which makes these Tommy Hilfiger shoes the ones to check out if you want a quality shoe that’s comfortable and casual.

9Rugged Shark Atlantic Boat Shoes

womens casual shoesThese men’s boat shoes are designed to not only be comfortable but to be stylish as well. They’re made using high-quality leather and have a rubber sole that does a good job at absorbing shocks and bumps from the terrain. They have supple leather uppers but also have mesh panels that allow for air to get to the wearer’s feet. And since they’re intended to be used as boat shoes, they also have a built-in drainage system that drains water away from the wearer’s feet. And the rubber pads on the bottom of the shoe give the wearer the traction they need, even on slippery surfaces.

8Roper Men’s Performance Western Shoes

Casual Shoes Men Classic Comfortable Men Casual Loafers Shoes

This Western shoe may be a casual shoe, but it also seems to have just enough style to be worn in professional settings as well. They are made with 100% full-grain leather that not only looks nice but is flexible and very supple as well. They are also made with elastic panels that allow the shoes to move as the wearer’s foot moves. It features a platform of approximately 0.75-inch and has a heel that measures 1.5-inches, so they allow the wearer to stand a little bit taller and with more confidence. And they’re also equipped with a rear pull loop that makes them easy to pull on.

7Sanuk Men’s Rouder Slip-Ons

Casual Shoes for Men and Women

These quality men’s shoes are based on the surf shoes that were worn during the 80s and 90s and has since evolved to be a men’s casual shoe that any many can enjoy–not just Southern Californians. These shoes are made from 100% cotton and have rubber soles that protect the bottom of the wearer’s feet but still allows for a good feel of the ground. Their heavy canvas uppers with frayed edges present a casual look that any beachcomber could appreciate. And because it’s designed with a premium EVA footbed, it’s resistant to odor-causing bacteria, even when it gets wet.

6Laoks Men’s Brogues Oxford Wingtips

Bullock Carved Leather Shoes

Men who need a shoe that’s capable of being worn just as well in the boardroom as it is out on the street, are going to want to take a look at these shoes. These business casual shoes have a genuine leather upper and a wingtip lace-up design that not only gives it a sophisticated look but allows it to provide a secure hold. They also have a round toe design that gives the wearer’s toes plenty of room. Some people have called these shoes a cross between a dress shoe and a casual shoe and that distinction is pretty true, especially since it is so extremely comfortable.

5Docker’s Men’s Sinclair Leather Loafers

If you have preconceptions over what makes a great loafer, then you might have to reconsider them after wearing these shoes. That’s because these shoes are versatile enough to be worn in any situation but are extremely comfortable as well. They are manufactured with genuine leather uppers that have a classic look but are nice and supple. They also have a cushioned footbed with a microsuede cover that makes the wearer feel like they’re walking on soft clouds. Additional features found on these shoes include durable rubber outsoles and a 0.75-inch heel. They’re great shoes that can be worn virtually anywhere.

4OLUKAI Men’s Moloa Shoes

casual brown shoes

These casual shoes have a versatile style that gives the wearer a classic look while still remaining quite comfortable. They are made using imported leather that’s resistant to water and is supple enough to provide the top of the wearer’s foot with comfort. It also has a rubber sole that absorbs the impact of walking, and it has a microfiber synthetic suede lining that cradles the bottom of the wearer’s feet. These shoes also feature an elasticized gore on its vamp that allows them to hug the feet without being overly restrictive. And since the rubber sole has traction pods, they won’t ever mark up the floor.

3Scarpa Men’s Mojito Shoes

Men's Casual Shoes Foot Locker

These mojito shoes are versatile enough to be worn for a night out on the town or for use on a hiking trail. And in either case, the wearer’s feet will remain very comfortable. That’s because these shoes have a suede leather upper and full-length lacing that provides the wearer with a snug yet comfortable fit. It also has a Vibram sole that absorbs the impacts of walking or running and has a dual-density EVA foam cushion that cradles the bottom of the wearer’s foot. Other features that can be found on these shoes include 1-inch heels and a rubber toe cap.

2Adidas Originals NMD Runner Shoes

Mesh running sport shoes for mens

Adidas Originals Runners are designed for individuals who lead active lifestyles but who absolutely need a shoe that’s comfortable 24-hours a day. They feature a breathable textile upper that flexes with the foot and allows for air circulation around the foot. They also have soft soles that absorb the impacts of running or walking and prevent them from traveling up the wearer’s legs. It’s no wonder that these shoes have become a design that people really love. Other features found on these shoes include a bootie construction, a webbed rubber outsole, and a heel badge. And they’re available in a number of different colors.

1La Milano Men’s Double Monk Slip-On Loafers

casual dress shoes

Just because a shoe is designed to be casual doesn’t mean that it can’t have a little bit of style, and no shoe manufacturer knows this better than La Milano. Which is probably why they’ve designed these shoes with a such a beautiful and classic look. These shoes have full leather uppers, stacked heels and a synthetic lining that looks as professional as any dress shoe. However, it also has a comfort insole and stacked heels that make it one of the more comfortable shoes to wear. And because they are designed with absolute precision, these shoes always run true to the actual size of the wearer’s foot.

Casual Shoes For Men Buying Guide

dress shoes womensThere are so many different types of casual shoes for men that’s it’s almost impossible to list them all in one guide. Not only are their laid-back casual shoes such as tennis shoes or crocs, but there are also more formal casual shoes such as loafers or Chelsea boots. And that’s not even mentioning all of the other casual shoes which fall in between these two sub-categories, such as boat shoes or moccasins. As you start sorting through all of them, you see how it can become quite easy to get bogged down with shoe lingo and in the various shoe sub-categories. That’s why we’re going with a more casual approach to finding a casual men’s shoe.

When I say that we’re going to take a more casual approach to find one of these shoes that fit your style, I mean that we’re going to consider any type of shoe that you feel as comfortable as a casual shoe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a slip-on, a desert shoe or trainers, then it’s a casual shoe. Now, that we’ve dispensed with these formalities, let’s find you a shoe that works for you.

Formal Casual or Leisurely Casual?

Although we’ve done away with most of the sub-categories used to describe casual shoes, we are going to create two sub-categories which will help you narrow down your search: Formal Casual and Leisurely Casual. After all, finding a pair of casual shoes for a board meeting is going to be different than finding a pair of casual shoes for the boat dock, so let’s divide potential shoes into these two categories. This will give us a better idea of what we need to look for when searching for a shoe.

Formal Casual Shoes

  • Oxford Shoes

  • Loafer

  • Chelsea Boots

Leisurely Causal Shoes

  • Boat Shoes

  • Sneakers

  • Moccasins

  • Chukka Boots

Choose The Correct Shoe Size

The style of your casual shoe is only part of the battle of picking the right shoe. You also have to make sure that the shoe fits correctly. If you don’t, then that incredibly comfortable shoe is either going to be too big for your feet or can be too tight. Either way, it’s not going to be a casual shoe at all, especially if it causes blisters. Thinking about that, let’s talk about the correct way to measure a casual shoe.

Materials You’ll Need

To get an accurate measurement, you are going to have to gather a few supplies together. These supplies include the following:

  • A pencil

  • A Ruler

  • A Piece of Paper

  • A Shoe Size Chart (They’re available online)

Measuring Your Feet

  • Step One: Step on the piece of paper and trace the outline of your foot. If you can’t do this on your own, then enlist a friend or family member to help you out.

  • Step Two: Measure the length of the foot starting with the longest toes and ending with the heel. Write down that measurement.

  • Step Three: Measure the width of the foot across the widest portion of the foot. Write down this measurement, too.

  • Step Four: Compare the length against a shoe length chart to get the correct size.

  • Step Five: Compare the width against a shoe width chart to get the correct letter.

For example, if you measure your foot and its length is 10.69-inches long and is 4-inches wide, then you’re shoe size is a 10D or a regular size 10. That’s your true size.

Some Final Thoughts

A helpful tip I can give you for measuring your feet is to make sure that you measure it either with socks or without socks, depending on whether you intend on wearing socks with the shoes. For example, if you’re going to wear loafers without socks, then measure your feet without socks. However, if you measure intend on wearing socks with your sneakers, then measure your feet with socks on. This will ensure that you get the best fitting shoe possible.

And that’s all there is to buy a pair of casual shoes for men that fits your style as well as your feet. Once you have the basics down, you can apply these tips to any type of shoe you intend on buying. It doesn’t matter if you like loafers, sneakers, Chelsea boots, desert boots or anything in between. And once you do have the basics down, you can be extremely confident in the choice that you made and wear them with pride.