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Are there differences between running shoes and sports shoes?

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1. First of all, running shoes are sports shoes. As the name implies, it refers to the shoes worn during fitness or competitive sports. It can meet people's various needs and ensure that their feet can play their basic functions in sports. In addition, hiking shoes, travel shoes, basketball shoes, etc. can be called sports shoes.

2, use different From the concept, you can see that the two types of sports are not the same, sports shoes are designed for outdoor sports athletes, long time sports shoes used; and running shoes are designed for runners And design shoes.

3, version from the version point of view, sports shoes than running shoes loose, because if people are in a state of exercise for a long time, the feet are more likely to puffiness, so the shoes inside the shoes designed to be more relaxed and comfortable environment; Running shoes version is more "slim", more fit, very good package, fit the feet, make people more comfortable to wear, with excellent anti-skid effect.

4, the appearance of different ages From the appearance point of view, the style of sports shoes tend to be generous decent, there is a deep sense of outdoor fashion, color is generally camouflage green, dark brown, black-based, belongs to the dark color, and the style of running shoes Generally more inclined to the current fashion trend, the color is also updated rich and bright.

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5. It should be said that running shoes are a kind of sports shoes.

Sports shoes, as the name implies, refer to shoes worn during fitness or competitive sports. It can meet people's various needs and ensure that their feet can play their basic functions in sports. Sports are divided into competitive sports and fitness sports as well as leisure sports and recreational sports. No matter what kind of sports, you need to put on shoes with protective effect and improve the effect of sports. 

Running shoes can be divided into three categories: providing shock absorption, providing stability, and providing motion control. The shock-absorbing running shoes usually have a softer sandwich sole, and the auxiliary foot is evenly supported during exercise to help the foot absorb shock. Shoes are usually lighter and have relatively poor stability. Provides stability in running shoes. The sole usually has a uniform force pillar or a mezzanine structure on the inside. These special designs can prevent injuries caused by excessive valgus of the foot and provide good support and endurance for the inner edge of the foot. Running shoes that provide motion control are usually hard. They can reduce or control excessive inversion of the foot and prevent ankle injuries. These running shoes are usually heavier than other running shoes. In general, the inner layer is a column with uniform force to control the internal rotation of the foot, and the laminated sole provides durability; the outer layer of rubber is more wear-resistant.

6. Relationship? Is the difference??! The role of different people. Sports shoes, including running shoes, basketball shoes, shoes.

Air cushion shoes, nothing to use. It was only recently that it was more popular. The part of the heel was air-cushioned in order to absorb shock absorption when it was dropped. When the forefoot is used to apply force, it gives you an upward elastic force that is very small. Not obvious.

Shoes originate from the shoes worn by skateboarders. Similar to wave shoes. Specific styles such as nike's Dunk sb and AF1 series.

7. The characteristics of sports shoes modeling: lines, color characteristics, decoration, sports shoes outsole modeling.

Running shoes features: excellent anti-skid effect.